Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Suzuki Philippines is in full force during the Motorsiklo Xklusibo’s 8th anniversary celebration aptly called as MX GR82B8 (MX great to be eight) at Tagaytay International Convention Center (TICC) with the royal arrival of the brand’s well coveted motorcycles – the Raider R150 Fi and the GSX Series – GSX-R150 and GSX-S150.
Over 14,000 riders attended the annual gathering and witnessed the public introduction of the latest Suzuki bikes which have been the topic of all riders’ discussions especially on social media for the past months not only because of their handsome looks but more because of their power and performance. These are: the fuel-injected brother of the Underbone King which is considered as the Pinnacle of Hyper Underbones – the Raider R150 Fi and the revolutionary lightweight sportbikes which came from the renowned Suzuki GSX lineage – the full faired GSX-R150 and the naked GSX-S150.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The New Honda XRM 125 FI is Here to Conquer New Roads

Comes in yummy orange!
XRM.  Ah the mere mention of the three letter acronym takes me back in time more than a decade ago when XRM was the bike to be seen on.   It's the king of the, when volume is considered.  They're everywhere!

The staying power of the Honda XRM is incredible.   Now after more than a decade, it is still enjoying a fair share of the road along with newer, and technologically advanced bikes.   And as if to quelch the people's doubt, the new Honda XRM FI is now launched at the Honda Safety Driving Center last Friday.  Yes, the mighty XRM is now fuel-injected.

The carbureted XRM is a fuel sipper as it is, now imagine it running with an FI engine.   But economy is just one of the nicest things about this bike.  It's dubbed as one indestrucitble bike.  Considering the thousands of stories told, about the rigidity and ever-reliability of the XRM.

A Metro Riding Skills Challenge was conducted by Honda for the media for us to test out the bikes in a friendly slalom competition.   Congratulations to our very own Meng Sevilla and Ariel Rosario for bagging the 3rd and 2nd place, respectively, the champion being no other than Mr. Philip J. Bonza.

This XRM is just one of the several bikes released by HPI.   We will be featuring more of them soon.  Hope to do a bike revier soon!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Suzuki Philipipines Launches the GSX Series at the MX GR82B8

The GSX-R is yummy.

Ah finally after so many dreamy months of waiting, the first GSX bikes were finally spotted at the 8th anniversary of Motorsiklo Xklusibo.

The GSX series come in two new model, the touring-friendly GSX-S 150 and the race-ready GSX-R 150, both sporting the same engine but with different usage in mind.  

The GSX-S 150 is a naked standard bike, built for those who love the smell of the country roads, and of the city smoke as well.   One of it's prominent features is the very distinguished headlamps, which is quite polarizing.   Love it or not, the GSX-S 150 is gonna be lining up the streets soon, due to it's highly competitive pricing with an SRP of P112,800, considering all the technological parts put in it.

The GSX-R 150 is another story though.  Firstly, it's a racebike, used internationall by Suzuki at the ARRC.  The very same bikes used by our top three Suzuki riders, Mario Borbon, April King Mascardo and EJ Sobretodo.  This bike has proven it's speed and agility at the Suzuki Asian Challenge.  It's cousin is still highly considered the king, and this one is preparing for its own thrown as a contender for the king of entry-level sportbike.

GSX-S 150!  Not bad Suzuki! Not bad!

We look forward to personally riding these majestic machines for a full motorcycle review here at www.turbanrider.com.  

People piled up to get close and personal to one of the highlights of the MX event.  The 3 new bikes from Suzuki.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 Wins at Senior TT Race of Isle of Man TT

The all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000 supersport bike has reigned supreme by owning the roadsof the Senior Tourist Tour (TT) of the Isle of Man TT in British Isles of Man recently. Ridden by now 14-time Isle of Man TT winner, Northern Irishman Michael Dunlop of Bennetts Suzuki; a motorcycle racing team supported by Suzuki’s British subsidiary Suzuki GB, has achieved a prestigious win at the said class.
Isle of Man Tourist Tour (TT) is a historic public road racing which started in 1907. There were nine racing classes by displacements and vehicle types for this year with the Senior TT as the most prestigious race; the category where Dunlop proven the power and performance of his GSX-R1000.
At the Senior TT race, the final day of schedule for this year’s event, Dunlop on board the all-new GSX-R1000, which has undergone a full-model change this year, took the lead on first lap and then pulled away gradually from the battle for second place to run alone at the front, finishing more than 13 seconds ahead of the second placed rider.
In another category of the race which is the Superbike TT, Dunlop was able to set the fastest lap time but had to retire due to technical issues.
Michael Dunlop: 
"The bike never missed a beat. We had the problem in the Superbike race, and if it wasn't for that, we could have had two wins with the big girl. But we're here with a brand-new motorbike and the boys have worked hard to get us to this point, and in that race, she never missed a beat. Steve, all the team, put so much effort in and people won't understand how far we've come. We've made the impossible possible. I could have gone faster, but it was important to get to the finish. This potential's been coming. If I'd had this bike at the North West 200 I think that would have been a different story, too. But we've won the Senior TT, what more can we say?"
Steve Hicken - Team Manager:
"That's why we came here. We couldn't have any other aim than winning. As we've said all week, it's taken a lot of hard work to get here as the only team in the paddock with a brand-new bike; and we've seen others struggle. It was a shame about Saturday, when we were looking like we could have taken the Superbike win as well, but we learnt from it and made the right changes for today and this is the race everyone wants. And when you consider how early the bike is in its development, it's an even bigger achievement and it shows there's more to come. But we have to also say a big congratulations and thank you to Michael, as without him and his input, feedback and speed around here, this wouldn't have been possible."
Since first winning the 50cc TT in 1962, Suzuki has achieved a number of victories at the Isle of Man TT. This year became the first win in nine years for GSX-R1000, when it won two races in 2008. Also, the win in Senior TT is the first time in 13 years for Suzuki since 2004, proving high performances of the all-new GSX-R1000.

Race result:
1st - Michael Dunlop (Suzuki) time: 01:09:24.711
2nd -  Peter Hickman (BMW) time: 01:09:38.031
3rd - Dean Harrison (Kawasaki) time: 01:09:48:216

Watch video of Dunlop’s winning performance here. For more information about Suzuki Racing, kindly check www.suzuki-racing.com.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shell Advance marks Independence Day with an exclusive launch for motorcycle riders

Araw ng Kalayaan or Independence Day is celebrated by Filipinos all over the world every 12th of June. To commemorate the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1898, historical sites nationwide raise the Philippine National Flag - a symbol of freedom.

Last June 12, Shell Advance celebrate the nation's Independence Day with a motorcycle groupride to Tagaytay. A brigade of clubs, enthusiast, celwbreties, and members of the media gathered at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) grounds for an enjoyable trip to the cool southern destination. As the riders converged at one of the most popular landmarks in the tourist town, Skyranch, they witnessed the launch of Shell Advance Ultra and AX7's new offering: a complete protection for engine wear that maintains clean piston for a smoother ride.

With the rider's bike filled with Shell Advance motor oil, riders were equipped with the confidence to face  different challenges such as rough terrains, pollution, traffic, changing weather conditions, and bike glitches. Now more than ever, motorcycle drivers can enjoy driving on the road as they reach their destination unrestrained and undefeated.

"As part of Pilipinas Shell's efforts in making each journey better for every Filipino, we launchedthe first-ever motorcycle ride that celebrated Independence Day. We held this special event to show that Shell Advance Ultra and AX7 help provide the confidence for motorcycle riders to outride any road challenges," said Shell Advance Brand Manager Recca Menchavez.

Shell rocognized that the road is full of unexpected task and uncertainties, which reflects the life of the motorcycle riders. Now, with Shell Advance complete protection, riders will have the confidence and boldness to truly enjoy the ride they deserve.

On the same day, Shell Advance also launched Wheels vs. Gravity, a film that showcased a Ducati motorbike beating the speed of a sky diver. With the Ducati filled with Shell Advance enhancing its performance and reliability, it won over the free-falling diver despite the disadvantages of frictiin and drag. At the end of the film, Ducati rider is imbued with more confidence to outride any uncertainties with Shell Advance.

After the reveal, the riders were treated to a day-long festivity that include motorcycle exhibits, a talk from a specialist, a concert featuring Sky Light and Go Girls, and exclusive tokens, prizes, and giveaways.

Monday, June 12, 2017


It was a “Honda Country” in the center of San Juan and Mandaluyong areas for 25 days when the Honda Gen-S Mall Exhibit had its 5th Leg in Greenhills Shopping Center since May 19.

Inspired with the new generation of Filipino Riders who are street smart, stylish and full of substance, the line of Gen-S motorcycles are all designed with a youthful vibe. True to Honda Philippines Inc’s (HPI) commitment to provide fashionable, fun, and young design, Honda also introduced the latest color variant of the All-New Honda BeAT line-up to add more fun and color for the excitement of its riders: the Nitric Orange (ISS and Standard), and now the Magenta color in standard type.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

TVS Max 125 Semi Trail Initial Review

The TVS MAX 125 Semi Trail comes in awesome green.
Initial impression on the looks of the TVS MAX 125 Semi Trail.

If you want a decent road bike, but with offroad capabilities, this is the perfect bike for you. It's basically a standard bike with yummy tasty dual sports tires. So this is a true dual sports bike. The front fender is raised up higher to give way for the front suspension's travel during bumpy dirt rides. (full review on this next week)