Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spyder - 2211 Bike Nite

booze?  why not!
Spyder Launched their newest graphics for the Grid half-face helmet, and it's B-E-A-utiful!  The design is obvious for the Vespa, Lambretta, Stella, and all other classical scooter lovers, who loves taking it slow in the roads.  "What's the purpose of being beautiful, if you can't be seen?", I remember a friend's quote regarding classic-styling and speed.  Two lucky attendees went home with a Spyder helmet which were raffled off, and the only sad thing is I wasn't one of them.   

see that cooldj box?

spyderized bikes in the bike nite

lovely girls of Spyder

most of these were sold during the event at 22% off

my cholesterol level jumped with joy
man, I want one of these

Mark of Overdose Motoproducts.  Great products bro!

Bobby Orbe of Wheeltek and Mark Chuidian of Spyder

can you get any classicer than this?

Spyder eyewears are the best!

chatting the night away, with Mark, Chico, Dave and Migs

beer and cigar, that's how you celebrate a succesful bike nite

waiting for raffle!

Ms. Candy Orbe got one of the lids!  Woohoo!

And there goes my chance of winning

Italian stripes are sexy