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2014 Manila-Matnog-Manila Endurance Challenge year 7

Been a fan of endurance motorcycle events, but never really joined the Manila-Matnog-Manila.  But now that Spyder is trying to get the event institutionalized, yours truly, TurbanRider Telly Buhay will be joining this.  Hopefully I get to finish that 1,200 kilometers of hard-rocking roads down south.  Vroom vroom!

All the media coverage!

Wildly succesful the M3 was!
With 270 participants who set ablaze the roads from Manila to Matnog, overwhelming success is even an understatement.  The one-track-minded riders, who got nothing else in focus but to reach the endpoint of Luzon and back, have waited too long preparing their machines and themselves for an endurance event they will never forget.  For most, the Manila-Matnog-Manila is the adventure of a lifetime.

November 22, the riders started trickling in at 2pm, and poured in at twilight.  Though their mindset is the 600-kilometer first half of the ride, the riders found themselves socializing with fellow adventurers and wellwishers alike, hours before the flag-off.

The Suzuki arc has been the favorite photo backdrop of the rider, which served as the takeoff pointer as well as the beacon calling the riders home.  Also, kind-hearted Suzuki dedicated one vehicle to help pick up downed riders, brand irregardless.

Yamaha made it all worthwhile for the participants and guests by showing off their touring bikes, the SZ-16 and the FZ-16, as well as the race-ready Sniper 135, and by gifting the riders items that they will be needing in their long journey such as a shirt, a water bottle, water-proof cellphone holder, and some even get to take home a Yamaha legbag.   Beam catering provided the riders, marshals and organizers the grub such us rice meals, pizza rolls, hotdog sandwich and of course some powerful potions such as sodas and coffees.  Ahavia Spa and Lounge gave away shirts and mugs and of course a good massage by certified therapists.  JM Mirasol Advertising provided the motorcycle and helmet stickers, which doesn't easily disintegrate when peeled, but can even be restickered to another surface.  The night was also braced by the presence of YKL Fujifilm, who will give away cameras in the awarding ceremony.

Overdose Motoproducts were to provide riders with motorcycle bags such as tankbags, leg bags and slingbags.  Cycleseal Tire Sealant, which must be must for all long-distance rider, were given away to some lucky participants.
The event venue is wonderfully located near C5 where the riders would take on as he/she exits.  Starmall Prima Taguig's huge parking lot and RDU served as the launch pad of all 267 riders.  It is also here where riders, 24 hours about, will be embraced by loved ones and given high fives by friends and clubmates.
JAC Motors , 14-footer dropside truck was the official backup truck of the event, and with the adrenalized throttle hands of the riders, many found their machines can handle only so much, with some having a burst tire, some getting a lowside and even some just plain quitting, the JAC truck soon found itself full to the brim of motorcycles needing a little repair.  MTRT, creator of performance parts for motorcycles, not only helped riders do some roadside repairs, but also picked up riders and machines who couldn't continue on.

Although the Manila-Matnog-Manila Challenge has been in existence for 7 years now, it was the first time that Spyder partnered up with the organizers and co-organized the event.  And with this partnership, the outcome was M3's most successful yet.  In the motorcycling community, in physical and in the social media, the buzzword until now is the Manila-Matnog-Manila.  Everybody is talking about it, how they enjoyed every minute and every kilometers of roads traveled, or how those who missed the opportunity expressed regret.  Of how those who didn't finish because of whatever reasons expressed exacting vengeance and reckoning on next year's 8th M3 in 2015.

The 7th Manila-Matnog-Manila was an epic story of adventure which the participants will be telling friends and loved ones for a long time.

To see the epicness of this event, you can check out the following for photos, videos and comments:

happy haggard! the Spyder organizers are more than happy to, well, organize.
CODE R - Respect for your marshaling abilities!
Yamaha goodies!  
The Suzuki Arc - favorite photo backdrop of riders
The Honda Zoomer X takes  on the challenge
oh yeah! group shot!
The M3 Stage is also the backup vehicle.  Superb!
Mark de Vera of Overdose Motoproducts!
Helmet and bike stickers by JM Mirasol Advertising
Dave Blanco of Ahavia, Peter Garcia of Cycle Seal, Francis Jardin of Emotorismo and unknown bystander in the background
Oh you got a camera?  Let me do my best pose.
YKL Fujifilm was there to capture the moment.  Cameras will be raffled off at the awarding!
good to see familiar faces.  Berong Budomo and Marvin "insurance guy" Tuliao in the middle

The XR125l, not just for trail, for endurance as well.  The rider, with his haggard look definitely is not and needs some sleep
Green is still in.  in another dimension.
Kawasaki guys
Miles's smile can definitely put a smile.
The Chuidians
Lady riders
more lady riders

Hey I know that orange jumpsuit!  Karlo you bas***d!  It's good to see you bro!
good to see familiar faces
Mark and Joey "Storm" Rivero
this is the image of a successful event
Thank you Spyder!


nice guys Pitogo checkpoint.  free helmet cleaning!

Mama mio!

two wheels move the (Mio) Soul

nothing better than friends and family waiting for you at the finish line

lowest displacement finisher.  Ms. Venus on a Honda Wave 100cc

The only 2 stroker in the game.  The Kawasaki KR150

Now this is a touring bike.  The Kawasaki Boxer

Like it!

With Miles of Motorsiklo News Magazine. 

Suzuki people approves

lady rider finishing in time

Spyder people checking passports

Brando "Rapidolats" Rosales of C! Magazine finishing buzzer beater

Starmall Prima Taguig, before the event

more Code R marshals

you know it's gonna be fun when these two bikes are around

Yamaha's Ms. Jennifer and Tony

Mark, Sherwin and Mark

Thanks again JM for these wonderful mementos

The Honda CBR being inspected

Ballooning up the Suzuki arc, not an easy job!

zooming by are Honda's flagship model.  The Zoomer X

I don't know what's weirder.  Really.

When will we see you on a scooter Tony?

Spyder peeps doing their thang.  

Yamaha goodies worth piling up for.

Luke, Im you father.  Nooooohhhh!

M3's media partners

And now your hosts, Mel and Jay!  Mel Aquino and Jay Maguigad blew the night away with their insanity

Dave and a lucky winner of a free Ahavia shirt

we are friends.  we do photos together

Francis of Emotorismo, emoting.

a couple of lady riders

getting ready for a long haul

Elmer Budomo and his Kymco Like.  Likey!

Spyderized bikes serve as cordon for the M3 jump off

yeah boy!

Baki and Jun, Kawasaki fanatics

even passersby want a selfie with the arc

Mel and Jay harassing Enzo

It's the Riderman of Manila!  

Madness?  This is Sachs Madass 125!

Pitogo checkpoint poses for the camera

heading back home.

Here's an epic video of the Manila Matnog Manila flag off.


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