Friday, October 17, 2014

ART-tistically Done, ATAT Riders!

One of the best and most exclusive racing team around, the ART or ATAT Racing Team, just celebrated a Friday weekender by recognizing the different ATAT members who won in different racing categories.  And I thought I went into the wrong wrong or didn't get the memo re attire as people were in their dressed-to-kill outfits, which I found out, were Megatrade employees, there to assist the riders.

ATAT proudly announces that they are the only motorcycle club exclusively owning either/both Aprilia or Ducati, which are Italian bikes.  And ART is the only non-manufacturer racing team around, which is a testament to their commitment to their craft of high-speed racing.

Spyder helmet raffled off!

the photowall

nice husky

cool and beautiful host of the night

premiums bikes decorates the place

and another nice bike