Monday, October 27, 2014

Destination: Battling Sta. Ynes... and Losing

Think trail.  No need to think hard.  Every trail rider's baptismal place would definitely be that dreaded place in Tanay where a nightful rain would mean unpassable river the next day, where water level can go up to the neck.

Ibba Rasul Bernardo wanted to test the limits of his Husqvarna TR650 and we originally planned an easier, by a mile, trail site in General Nakar, Quezon.  An over-eager to go home Toto Villanueva (fastest man by the way, in the 2014 Motorally), wanted a nearer trail.  So we decided to trek the treacherous Sta. Ynez.

picturesque Tanay

Alvin Dee of Touratech rides the Husqvarna TR650

Toto Villanueva, fastest man in Motorally 2014, braved it with a Yamaha Super Tenere

Ibba Rasul Bernardo rocking it

guts?  or sheer madness?  yep that's a Suzuki Shooter 115

Brando "T-Bay Thursday" Rosales  

They call it "follow the leader", I say it's let's send in the Guinea pig.

yep he survived

shooting for the moon.  the Shooter kills us with envy

would pay a million bucks to have a mid day nap in the shack up there

this place will go down the annals of offroading as the baptism place of many a trail enthusiasts

Yep, that's a Honda XR125L

You'd do this too, if you water supply's been cut off.

Easy for the Honda

Craving for some rocky road?

goodbye front telescopic fork, we had fun

"ala-Nat Geo!" - Ibba

we got fans

"whooooooo?" - says the bull

oh geez a camera!  better get that perfect water splash shot!

Ibba - thirsty for more!

This bike deserves an award!

My trusted Honda.  Mwah mwah.  Yet another adventure we survived. 

To get to Sta. Ynes is a good 15 river crossings, 30 all in all.  We only got to the 4th and we surrendered, partly fatigue and partly mechanical worries.  We lost the battle but we went home happy and satisfied.  

"Let's do this again!" said Ibba who is certainly thirsty for more.