Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Honda XR125L - Bang for the Buck Offroader

No road?  No problem!
Xcitingly Reliable.  Ok forgive me, I'm not in my most imaginative mood today.  The XR200 we Pinoys came to love has been discontinued.  It has been replaced by 2 bikes, a mightier CRF250 and a more prudent XR125L.

Looks - It wouldn't win any beauty contests.  Lots of people hates the headlight assembly.  I like it!  Or on second thought, I'm someone who never really cared what an offroader should look like.  Well it was glossy when it first rolled off the production lines, then again who would want that kind of bike un-dirty?  Thus dirtbike!

The side profile is ok. The seatheight is lower than that of the XR200 so, anyone with shorter legs will be jumping with joy with this feature,  The seat is remarkable comfy!  Wide cushy, perfect for long distance-riding.  The headlight beam is just ok but can do better.  As for mine, I put two auxillary lights I got from a friend worth P500 each.  The result is amazing!  Overkill even!  If you don't want angry motorists coming at you, on/off switch is highly recommended.  Or just ride it with the highbeam switch.

The dual tires are ok.  Good enough for the roads, and still perfect for non-asphalts.  Grip is commendable considering they are dual-purpose tires. I appreciate it most offroads.  Rocky and sandy beds are no match for it.  I also appreciate the hard compound, lasted me 20,000 kilometers of riding!  I just replaced mine now!

Power is expected of a 125cc engine.  Just enough for city riding.  As for trails, yeah, i'd wish for a slightly bigger piston.  But the XR125l's lack of bigger punch more than makes up for it's very light weight.  Dropping and picking up the bike?  I can do it all day long!

Spec box from:

SRP PHP 87,900.00
(Freight and insurance charges not included)


Engine Type           4 - Stroke, Over Head Cam (OHC), Air-Cooled
Displacement         124.7 cc
Bore & Stroke       52.4 mm x 57.8 mm
Starting System      Electric & Kick Starter
Ignition System       DC-CDI
Transmission Type  Constant Mesh, 5-Speed
Gear Shift Pattern   Manual / 1-N-2-3-4-5
Suspension (Front)  Telescopic Fork
Suspension (Rear)  Swingarm Mono-shock
Brake (Front)         Hydraulic Ventilated Disk
Brake (Rear)          Mechanical Leading Trailing
Combination Brake N/A
Tires Size (Front)   90/90 – 19 M/C 52P
Tires Size (Rear)   110/90 – 17 M/C 60P
Wheels Type         Spoke
Dimensions           2,100 mm x 820 mm x 1,126 mm
Wheelbase           1,361 mm
Dry Weight          119 kg
Seat Height          825 mm
Ground Clearance 243 mm
Tank Capacity     12 Liters (Reserved: 3.5 Liters)
Fuel                     Unleaded Gasoline (91+ or above octane rating)
Fuel System        Carburetor
Engine Oil           1.0 Liter (At Draining)
AHO                  Equipped
Parking Brake     N/A
Key Shutter        N/A
Stand Switch      N/A
Horse Power     8.0 (10.9) @ 8,250 rpm
Torque               10.4 (1.06 kgf-m) @ 6,500 rpm

Shameless self-promotion


The XR is fireroad-friendly