Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Altamira is Back on Track!

Yours truly and MJ
Michael "MJ" Altamira is definitely back.  Although missing a year in the speedways, his podium finish in the IRGP8 makes his return to the race tracks official.  His team, the Suzuki - Phoenix - YRS team has shown full support for the young racer.  MJ races a battle-tested Suzuki Smash and dons a racer-favorite Spyder Xcelerate 2.0.  

Congrats Michael and keep it up!

Race marshal Jade Lazaro looks on as MJ assesses the situation

Altamira in action
home stretch
Father and Son.  Gerry Altamira coaches the young speedster minutes before the race.
Bringing home the bacon
photo by: Randy Silva-Netto