Friday, November 28, 2014

LOS and Found - Reuniting With The LIKE OWNERS SOCIETY

We all know that profile.

The LOS, or the Like Owners Society stormed the new Kymco Plant in Taguig to do a courtesy call to the President of Kymco.  Spearheaded by Mr. Jun Mirasol, the eye-candy Likes have filled the front parking of the main building.   Mr. Gilbert Limjoco and Mr. Henry Tenebroso welcomed the riders.

So good to see old friends again.  And I may be fully reuniting with them soon.  I'm eyeing getting back on the Like myself.  I had one before and sold (read: gave) it to someone.  Now I want one back!

love. love. love. love is all you need.

The abbey road with different bolder foursome

group shot ?  might as well!

M3 participant!

hot rod!


i can see you smiling Kim!

Kim Pot!

Mr. Gilbert Limjoco and Mr. Jun Mirasol

Another M3 participant

M3 finisher!

Mr. Yohann Telly Babasa!  A namesake that is not a girl finally!  My father is a billiardmate of his father, the actor Mr. Telly Babasa who I believe I was named after.

group shot of course

Love the smile, Mr JM.

Mr. JM and the Kymco tophats

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