Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spellbound - The Spyder Hex Dual Lens Supermoto Helmet

Hexed yet?
The Spyder Hex is one of the better lids that I've used.

Looks?  No brainer!  The overall shape design is perfect for an overall purpose lid.  While it is basically a full-faced helmet, it has the added feature of longer beak for good breathing, hood against the sun's glare and other whatnots in the environment, an outer clear lens for wider view angle instead of a goggles, and an inner dark lens for intense day time riding.

The outer shell profile is awesome.  I often catch myself staring at shiny surfaces checking myself out, head swinging left and right.  The motocross visor adds a certain aggressiveness which often transcends to the riding style.   The outer lens is crispy and warps not, which is a good feature considering most of the supermoto helmets that I tried got image warping issues.  The tinted inner lens is summoned by the flick of a switch which is located at the upper left part of the outer shell.

Overall, the Spyder Hex is a very good helmet choice either going
on-road of off it.

The Spyder Hex and the Spyder Motard
The inner components hug my noggin with a perfect fit.  The inner lining is soft and comfortable on the skin especially if you're not a fan of balaclavas.  The underside of the back of the lining is patched with a highly reflective strip of material for added visibility during night escapades.

color-coordinated with a Ducati Diavel
I got two! Love these lids!
The shell has ABS composite materials so the rider is assured of toughness where it is needed.  The dual density EPS liner functions as a cushion between that hard shell of the lid and your own hard shell.  Of course by the way, once a helmet is used (crashed), it is required (not recommended) that you replace it with a new one.  The materials are already compromised even though it is not visible.

Aero vents placed strategically for maximum air circulating inside.  The outer lens is scratch-resistant.  Scratch-resistance doesn't cover scratching it to asphalt.

It's a triple visor actually, the inner tinted lens, outer clear lens and the sun visor
air vent for the mouth part is located inside the shell
The inner lining is removable and washable.  The retention system is quick release which is now the norm, instead of the hassle-y double-D ring.

inner lens switch and a push button for reverting it.
If you're looking for a highly functional helmet, this is the helmet for you.  The graphics version costs P4,095 while the plain design costs P3895.

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