Friday, December 12, 2014

Diavelista Christmas Party

The BRODs, or the Brotherhood Of Ducati Diavel owners recently held their Christmas party at the Music Hall, Metro Walk. The Brods, clad in coats over whites, raised their glasses to celebrate their first of many-to-come Holiday events. Owning a Ducati is premium enough,  rarer still are the guys who got both the tenacity and courage to ride the "devil" of a bike. It was actually a 2-in 1 party as it was also the yearender party of Mr. Fred Penales' Hairshaft Salon, also the premium name when it comes to beauty salons, thus a lot of gals, and guys also, would like to be "fredified".

The group is formed through the utter enthusiasm of Mr. Joey Ermita, who went out of his way to get all the Diavel owners in the land into one roof. A lot of future activities for the group are outlined and discussed, such as uniforms, logo, trackdays, and basically all motoring-related stuff.

TurbanRider congratulates all the Brods and sends his best regards and wishes. 

taking an oath of BRODerhood

this is one Fredified Christmas parteeeey

The Monsignor is a fellow Diavelista.  And he has a very nice voice.

Mr. Jeff Chan and Mr. Marc de Joya of Access Plus join in on the fun

Diavelistas enjoying a night of good food, good booze and good company

Mr. Joey Ermita presides over the group.

The lovely ladies of the Diavelistas

BRODs toasting the night away.

For a motorcycle group, they didn't bring their bikes. would've been a blast seeing all the Diavels  

As of the moment, there are 26 members of the BRODs.

Mr. Raymon Gabriel watches NBA or something live streaming via his invisible tablet

"I have a great idea Alex... or is it Alejandro...  let's drink!"

Mr. Toti Albert and Ms. Joy Alberto make a surprise and much welcome visit to the group

Mr. Albert congratulates the Diavel guys

Mr. de Joya recites the pledge of allegiance.

Congrats BRODs!