Sunday, December 7, 2014

Motorcycle Adventures Philippine Islands (MAPI) Inaugural Ride, Partners with Spyder

The inaugural ride participants

MAPI or the Motorcycle Adventures Philippine Islands recently officially launched and had the inaugural ride to Tagaytay Cavite for a good 40 kilometer ride from the sendoff point of Manila Airport Hotel.  Headed by Mr. Cheggy Medina, the 70-strong riders from different clubs traversed the traffic-laden roads of Sucat, finding their way through Las Pinas.  After entering Daanghari, the congestion disappeared until the intersection going left to Aguinaldo Highway.  Thereon, the riders eagerly races to the favorite breakfast in Tagaytay, the TapSiLog.  

MAPI, is a business company developed by a set of motorcycle-hugging friends, the UHAW, which is actually just an excuse for the missus for throttling the good ol' two wheeler.  It is a motorcycle tour package being offered to riders, targetting our foreign friends who wants a taste of the country via motorcycling.  "We all love motorcycles.  Might as well we make a business out of it." explained James Ledesma, another incorporator of MAPI.  

"We borrowed the bike of the late Mr. Herc Martin Gino from his wife, a Yamaha Super Tenere, so that it can have its share of earnings, instead of just being in the house." said Mr. Herc Quitoriano, his namesake.

Apart from other sponsors such as Teleperformance, MotoTechnik and Travel Unlimited Online, MAPI partnered up Spyder Philippines as the official helmet provider of the motorcycle guided tours.  Mr. Marvin "Insurance Guy" Tuliao braced the event to talk about the importance of insuring the bike and the rider.  Mr. Edwin Tormo and the LERAP Cavite also were special guests, also hosts, being from Cavite.  Trex "Rock & Roll" Renia and the Long Riders made a much welcome appearance in the inaugural ride.  Mr. Atoy Sta. Cruz and the MCPF demonstrated the importance of the riders' ability to communicate via hand signals, as talking and shouting while riding are inefficient.  

Cebu Pacific pilot and motorcycle fan, the jolly Capt. Felipe Timola joined in on the fun with his Royal Enfield.  Speaking of RE, Mr. Jimmy Barinaga of RE and Hardcore brothers sent us off gifting the MAPI with victory wine.

To add fun to the already wonderful event, Spyder raffled off 2 eyewears and 2 helmets.

Spyder is happy to partner up with MAPI, true blue riders with the purest intent of integrating their passion for riding, into a business.

Mr. Herc Quitoriano sweeps the road.

Rock and Roll time!


Mr. Aris Ilagan and his Vespa

Capt. Tim

Royal Enfield's Mr. Jimmy Barinaga

Mr. James Ledesma

Mr. Barinaga sends the riders off with some thing to gulp by.

What a fine scooter

love Harley-Davidsons

what scoot is this?

Manila Airport Hotel, send off venue

Mr. Mark Chuidian of Spyder arrives

Mr. Medina doing a pre-ride briefing

Mr. Atoy Sta. Cruz of MCPF

Mr. Herc "Laki" Quitoriano

Prayer sponsored by CMA

cool Yammy

They really are thirsty for rides

Trex just rocking it


Cap Tim.

Cap Tim Again.

Cap Tim again!

Jake Yu

Trex approves

It's the Honda Dominator.  Love!