Tuesday, December 2, 2014

T'was a Mellow Night. Spyder Offshoot Eyewear and Spyder Activities at Mellow 94.7

"We're now 10x cooler!"

It was a mellow night.

The radio show Mellow Nights with Indi and Caz motoring segment with motoring journalists Gilbert Chao and Neil Pagulayan every Tuesdays had us guest to discuss about the Spyder Offshoot product and Spyder acitivities.  The Spyder offshoot is an eyewear perfect for extreme users.  It is light, it is thin, it is VERY flexible that accidentally sitting on it, is no problemo.  It's just rolls with the punch as they say.  Best of all, it's classy.

"We're now 10x cooler with our Spyder shades!", said Neil, as he tried on a pair of Spyder eyewear.
"Perfect for motorcycle riders like me!" exclaimed Gilbert.  Gilbert is a rider who likes putting on an eyewear while wearing a helmet.  The Offshoot is so thin that's it's virtually not there when donning a lid.  It wouldn't hurt your face even hours of wearing it.

Aside from the offshoot, Spyder also discuss upcoming activities such as participation in the Cannonball Run and the BOSS Ironman, and Spyder's own, the Spyder-Motorally 1000 Miles 24 Hours Motorcycle Endurance Challenge.  If you enjoyed the experience in the recently held Manila-Matnog-Manila, you must try the Spyder-Motorally.

For some cool relaxing music, tune in to Mellow 94.7 every weeknights 8pm to 12mn.

The Spyder Offshoot has a polarized and mirror lenses with the Polartech technology.  Priced at P1,395.00  Check out Spyder's website for more details and more products!