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BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge 2015 with the Ural Retro

This will be TurbanRider's 2nd Ironman participation.  I finished last year with the Ducati Monster 795.  It's a naked sport bike so my whole body ached, which was to my advantage as I was on full alert the whole time, never missing a beat and did not go to the comfort of a kerosene pump for a nap (that's a first!).  

Let's do this!
TurbanRider is looking forward to see you there friends!

Ural-listically speaking, I'm a little hesitant to use the three-wheeler, but according to my calculations, it can be done.  It's totally gonna be changing the game.  If ever I finished within the alloted time, this will be historic and epic for the Boss Ironman. So looking forward to throttling the Russian bike.

Ural-listically speaking, it can be done, says I! This is the Ural Gear Up

Ural Gear Up Specifications:
Displacement, cc: 749
Engine type: OHV air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke “boxer” (flat twin)
Valve per cylinder: 2
Bore and stroke (mm x mm): 78 x 78
Max output (hp): 41 @ 5500 rpm
Max torque (ft-lbs): 42 @ 4300 rpm
Compression: 8.6:1
Fuel system: Throttle body EFI
Starting: Electric & Kickstart
Clutch: Double-disc dry
Transmission type: Manual
Speeds: 4 forward 1 reverse
Primary drive (rear wheel): Driveshaft
Final drive ratio: 4.62
Engageable sidecar wheel drive: Yes, driveshaft
Overall length, inch.: 98.8
Overall heights, inch.: 54.3
Overall width, inch.: 63.6
Seat height, (unladen), inch.: 32.0
Ground clearance (unladen),inch.: 6.8
Dry weight, lbs: 730
Front suspension: IMZ leading link fork
Rear suspension: Double sided swing-arm with two Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers, 5x adjustable
Sidecar suspension: Single sided swing-arm with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorber, 5x adjustable
Wheels: 2.5X19 Aluminum rims with steel spokesTires: Duro HF-308, 4.0×19″
Front brake: 4-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 295mm floating NG rotor
Rear brake: HB big bore single piston integrated floating caliper with 256mm fixed NG rotor
Sidecar brake: 2-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 245mm floating NG rotor
Fuel grade: 91 Octane, unleaded
Fuel tank capacity, gallons: 5.0
Reserve, gallons: app. 1
Estimated fuel economy, mpg: 31-37
Estimated range, miles: 155-185
Recommended max cruising speed, mph: 70
Max permissible weight, lbs:1325
Trunk volume, cubic ft.: 2.9
Alternator: Denso, Peak Output 40 Amp @ 14vdc, 560 Wt
Battery: FAYTX20HL (12V, 20A)
Headlight: H6024 (65/35)
Spark plugs: NGK BPR6HS
Rock and Roll: HELL YES!
UPDATE: Minor Last Minute Change...  I Changed Bike

After much careful thought and consideration (about 2 minutes), I decided that the Ural Retro is the optimal bike to us for the BOSS Ironman Challenge.  It doesn't have offroady wheels, it's no 2-wheel drive.  But its great for road use, and a little more economical, relatively,  in consuming gas.  All in all it was an incredible machine capable of doing a very stable 120 kmh.  It is actually capable of more, considering it is stil a 750cc engine

U - R -ALright!

TAKE OFF:  Star of the Stotsenberg

I admit it.  I enjoy the little attention that I got.  I mean come on it's not everyday (or every year) that a 3-wheeler gets to be a participant in a most prestigious motorcycle event.  No offense Piaggio MP3, you're cool and all but the Ural Retro has all eyes on it.

The Long Riders!
Randy "The Shooter" Silva-Netto
Together We Ride!
The Spyder booth at the Ironman.  Superb!
Car category Ready to roll
Maynard putting on the Ironman sticker on the Haima.
TurbanRider gives thumbs up too
Christian Motorcycle Association
Proudly wearing colors, the CMA

Mr. Bobby Orbe and Mr. Binggoy Berenguer
Mr. Maynard Marcelo of C! and Mr. Roscoe Odullo of Wheeltek 
Mr Pogi they are!
Spyder helmet user spotted!
Great to see Inside Racing here!
Endurance man Glenn Bellido
Mr. Mark Chuidian of Spyder Philippines
TurbanRider gives you the smoldering looks.
Mark and Glenn
Brother Ric S. Medina giving send off prayers to the riders.
Talk about multitasking.  Participants and hosts at the same time!
Mark and the "Storm" Joey Rivero
Here he is!  Mr. Teng Sorreta of WRU (Where Are You) tracking devices
Bobby: "One at a time guys!"
Ironman Chairman Mr. Petchoy Morales, Mr. Bobby Orbe of Wheeltek and Mr. Lakay Bernard president of BOSS
Ducatista Kamlon Alam
Mr. Binggoy Berenguer and Mr. Maynard Marcelo
2nd time the Haima will be participating in the BOSS Ironman and 2nd time they will finish it with decent time.
Mr. Arnel "Arnelli" Ignacio celebrity participant
Another celebrity participant, Ramon "Monching" Christopher
Almost didn't fit the arc
Mr. Ricci Abrina of Inside Racing

The Ural Retro is capable of running stably at 120 kmh!  It can even go as fast as 140 kmh!  lest we forget it is still a 750cc bike.  An easily adjusted knob handlebar stabilizers lets you adjust the steering dampening on the fly.  When going at high speeds, you can tighten it a bit, and let loose when attacking twisty roads.

I expected to be at the far rear of the pack but surprisingly I was able to catch up most of the time,

Unfortunately, at the end of it all, I wasn't allowed to enter Clark because it has a sidecar.  They won't be reasoned with.  Just because it has a sidecar, it is already not allowed to enter just like the expressways which I avoided during the run to avoid hassle.  I wouldn't be able to finish the Ironman afterall.

I went as far as Sinait Ilocos actually.  This is going back home.

Meet my driver!  Will you look at that thing!  His (insert imagined body part here)  must be as big and hard.

I know where you live!


So much fun to see a lot of friends under one big roof.

3 of the fastest guys in the world.  Mr. Amar Sanghera was the first to arrive in the challenge
Nice to see a lot of friends under one big roof
Holy Rider presiding  over the mass.
Spyder helmet users spotted!
Fast Five.  The first group of five to arrive at the finish line
Peace to you too Teth
Collin Yap - official shooter of the BMW
Mr. Jun Sorre - one of the fastest
Mr. Butchoy - another fast  rider
Mr. Kamlon Alam
Holy Rider gets appreciated for his participation in the run
Nice guys.  They have been considered as finishers even though they did not make it in time.  They instead helped a fellow rider who needed assistance.  That's what I call the rider spirit.  Kudos guys!
Mr. Teng Sorreta of WRU
All in the family!  They are the Dizons and they all participated in the Ironman

Most "experienced" guy.  At 68 he still rocks it
Mr. Mark Chiudian of Spyder

Big kudos to all the policemen who joined the BOSS Ironman!

That's Mr. T-REX Rock and Roll himself, Resty Renia
Mr. Lawrence of ProMoto
The Long Riders!
Thank you General for making our travel safe!

First Husband and Wife to arrive!  Woohoo!

THank you sir for the worry-free riding!
4 time finisher Ironlady Teth "First Lady" Rayos del Sol

"I;m finally gonna have a medal!" - Mr. Jake Yu

Mr. Mar Luciano

Mr. Ricky Montecillo
Doc. Glenn Latorre
Mr. Jet Trias
Mr. Toto

Mr. Bobby Orbe of Wheeltek
Mark Chuidian of Spyder 
Mr. Ricky Rivas of Vigan Heritage Motorcycle Club is appreciated for his undying support for the Ironman as one of the head marshals of the event
Mr. Bobby Orbe, Gen Boy Vano and Dr. Ricky Rivas

Proud winner of a Spyder helmet.  Hooray!
Yep that's your TurbanRider
See you all next year for the 11th BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge!

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