Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cycle Seal Tire Sealant for Motorcycles and Cars

CycleSeal Logo

One of the biggest woes of a rider, or any rubber-tire equipped vehicle operator for that matter, is a freakin' flat tire!

Mr. Peter Garcia, a rider himself found a way to lessen one of the hassles of riding.  If not getting rid, minimizing flat tires.  Mr. Garcia is an adhesives expert and he used his expertise to come up with something that would benefit us travelers.  It's the wonder products that is truly made in the Philippines, CycleSeal.

The packaging of the Cycle Seal and the injector pump.  You load the gooey substance into  the pump, put the hose's (green thing) one end into the pump and the other end into the tire valve.  Make sure to rid the tire of the air first and remove the valvo pin to push the Cycleseal on.

CycleSeal is a gooey subtance developed by Mr. Garcia inspired by his technical knowledge in adhesive formulae.  The subtance just patiently waits in the inside of a tire, inner tube or tubeless.  If it detected a hole, it automatically seals it using the rotation of the wheels, which would fortunately be automatic.  It is recommended to remove the culprit (nails, screws, whatnots) immediately to lessen the chances to widening the hole.

At first I too was hesitant to put it inside my tires and not convinced of its effectiveness.  Until I tried it and, well, the expected happened to my bike.  The Cycleseal sealed it.  It was truly a great help as it happened in the middle of the night when almost all vulcanizing shops are closed.  From there on, I made it a point to install the product to all the bikes that I use, especially if I'm going on a long tour.

Last years Ironman, where I used a Ducati Monster 795, I was protected by Cycleseal
Last year's Motorally, my Yamaha Mio MXi 125, I was also protected by Cycleseal

Some of the testimonies from riders who purchased the product (photo credit from the FB page of Cycleseal and MCP)

So is a P350 peso product worth our budget consideration?  Yes, definitely yes.