Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Honda XR125L - Oh The Places I Went To

Just a few photos with captions where the XR125L took me to.

River crossings are nothing to the XR125L

In one of the trails of Kalinga
Rocking Sta Ynes with the biggies.
Instant Trail with Mark Chudian and Brando Rosales

Got lost somewhere in Quezon.  Road is rewarding.

In Bonifacio Shrine in Maragondon.  This is where national hero Andres Bonifacio was killed, summary execution style.

In Kalinga.  They also have rice terraces, aside from the ones in Banaue.  View was breathtaking!

My FB cover photo for the longest time.  In Maragondon

Local delicacies include insects and frogs.  I ordered beef stew.

Trails that are like coffees. Instant.  In a foiled attempt to cross the Sta. Ynes with Glenn Bellido and Brando Rosales.  Water was neck deep!

First time in General Nakar with Binggoy Berenguer and Brando Rosales

In Guagua Pampanga.  We do what we want.  

Touring mode!  Installed a windscreen for some serious long distance riding.

The first Honda Trail Ride

Again that trail alongside Chico river in Kalinga.  Awesome drop!

At the Jariel's Peak Uphill Climb event.  Almost a contestant!

From Tabuk Kalinga to Tagudin Ilocos was 220 kilometers of pure twisting and turning road with an incredible scenery.

At the Manila-Matnog-Manila challenge.  Pitogo checkpoint.

XR and the XRM.  Riding with Maynard Marcelo

Operation Santa.  Brought gifts to the children! With the Reapers.

Solo riding in Pico de Loro.  

Going home from the First Honda Trail Ride in General Nakar

There's my "tsinelas"!

Solo riding in Maragondon

In Sta. Maria Laguna.  That small strip of "LA" part in MA-RI-LA-QUE has awesome fire roads that leads directly to south of Laguna

Rocky Road!  Riding with the biggies.  Alvin Dee and Ibba Bernardo on their Husqvarna TR650

Sta Ynes for the nth time.

profile pic thanks Randy SIlva-Netto for the pic

Profile pic

At the Touratech travel event in Quezon.  The only sub-400 bike in the hundred riders that attended.

The first time I had my hands in the most beautiful thing in the world.  The XR125L

Got podium in the XR125L media challenge.

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