Monday, February 16, 2015

Overdose Gadget / Camera Bag

Overdose Gadget / Camera Bag

Looking for a stylish carry bag that will fit your gadgets?  The new Overdose bag will fit a DSLR camera (with a lens attached) and two more lenses easily.  There is a separator that you can configure to fit you needs.

The gadget bag comes with reflectorized lining to help in night visibility should you decided to carry it with you while riding.  It also comes with a water-resistant bag, should there be rain.  A front pocket can fit additional memory cards and other flat-ty objects.

remove strap to hand carry

Cordura material. Superb!

thin but sturdy detachable straps for multiple configurations

With a few tweaks, it can also be a tank / tail bag that you can put in your motorcycle.  It comes with detachable straps, and can all be removed to make it a hand-carry bag.

They are marketing it as a gadget bag but to me it really is a camera bag.

Cordura material
3M reflectors
detachable straps
smooth zipping


can be attached to tail and even tank of a motorcycle.

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