Monday, February 2, 2015

Superb Supermoto Motard Helmet - Spyder Motard

The Spyder Motard Helmet.

The Spyder Motard fits a modern classic scooter well - The Kymco Like 125
Motard?  They named their helmet model a Motard?  It's either outright lack of imagination or just outright pure genius!.  But no matter the name, it's one of the best helmets around and here's why?

1. Motard bikes just get the best of both worls.  Road-gripping capacity of a sportsbike with the ultra-maneuverability of a dirtbike.  Same goes for the helmet.  A motard lid gets the protracted "snout" and sun-visor, with the convenience of a built-in lens as opposed to a separate, limited-view goggles.

2. You look good on a motard bike.  You look superb in a motard helmet.

But the good thing about a motard helmet, it fits almost any bikes:

The Spyder Motard fits a dual-purpose bike well - The Honda XR125L
One of the best features of this specific motard lens is, its minimal, if not lack, of warping.  Other motard lends that I tried have distortion so bad, you'd actually think you just saw Brad Pitt when you look at me.  The lens of this helmet has NONE!

The Spyder Motard fits an underbone well - The Honda Wave 125

If there's something I'm against this helmet, is the white inner foam.  It gets dirty quickly!  Then again I'm sure more will appreciate the clean-looking approach of this helmet, especially those who are OCD about cleanliness.

The Spyder Motard fits a motorcycle with a sidecar well - The Ural Retro 750

For the design alone, I give this helmet a two thumbs up.  Functionality, if I have more thumbs, I'd up it.  Graphics, I'd put my toes up too if possible.  Needless to say, I love this lid so much.  Not only is this my daily helmet, it's for "special" occasion too.

As they say, there's a reason why the motard rhymes with a retard. The Spyder Motard with tinted lens.
A quick google image search will yield you these designs:

The Spyder Motard is ECE-rated in safety rating and weighs 1500 gms.  The outer shell is composed of ABS composite material.  The inside of the lid has dual density EPS liner.

The Spyder Motard fits a standard bike well - The Honda CB Shine 125

Aero vents as well placed.  The inner lining is removable and washable, which I deem would be frequent because it is white.

The Spyder Motard fits a motorcross bike well - The CPI GRX 250

Quick-release retention strap securely locks the helmet to your head.

The Spyder Motard sells for P3695.  OEM tinted and chrome lenses are available costing at P350 a lens.  If you're looking for an all-rounder decent helmet, I highly recommend the Spyder Motard.

The Spyder Motard fits a cute scooter bike well - The Honda Beat 110

The Spyder Motard fits a three-wheeled scooter bike well - The Yamaha Tricity 125
What goes well with a motard?  Well, a fellow motard!  The Spyder Motard atop a CPI Motard 250.   Yeeeehaawww!

Special thanks to the following shooters;
James Ledesma
Jerel Fajardo
Randy Silva-Netto

Update: Series 7 released!

Dang!  I want it!

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