Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Harley Davidson Street 750 at the 12 Monkeys

Are we gonna play and have some fun, or what?

The 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub will rumble to the sound and vibration of the rockin' Street 750 model, from one of the most iconic brand in history, Harley-Davidson.  Yours truly, the Philippine helmetologist is much honored to be invited to the Media and Trade launch and will be one of the firsts to witness the awesome Street.  

The Turbanator is going!
I can't wait to tell you my impression of this wonderful cruiser.

Update: Official Launch

I'd sold my turban for this!
Well, the Street is really here.  So far, with 750cc, it has the smallest displacement from all the Harley-Davidson motorcycle lineup in the country today.  And it is also the most affordable so far, with the Street 750 priced at about half a million moolah.  Harley-Davidson riders, especially the HOG Philippines celebrated the much-anticipated unveiling of the Street.  Mystery rider was no less than Sam Pinto.  It was an awesome night at the 12 Monkeys Music Hall, filled with friends, food, booze and celebration.

The video is awesome, check it out here.

#hdstreet is the official hashtag announced in the event.  To see more of this beauty, visit the official website of Harley-Davidson of Manila.

Ms. Sam Pinto is the mystery rider
The very first owner of the Street 750 here in the country
The second one to get the Street
Bike's profile is awesome.  Me wantz it.

The night was filled with pizza and booze.  My kind of night.
Hello there Love-love!

Ain't she lovely and sexy?  Sam Pinto ain't bad herself.