Monday, March 9, 2015

Honda Click 125i

You know what they say about this product?  It's gonna, wait for it...., CLICK!

Ok finally, after months of speculation what Honda is up to, it's finally here.  They're finally bringing in the Click 125i.  It's something that looks like it just got back from the future.

Features that will make it, err, click, are

1. Dual LED headlights.  Less drain on the bike's electrical energy.  And they are beautiful to look at!
2. Large underseat compartment!  Will fit a helmet!
3. All-in-one ignition key system, includes switch for the seat for convenience.
4. LCD Digital instrumentation panel.  And it's a wow!
5. Sidestand switch for added safety
6. Brake-lock lever for stopping the bike in an uneven road.
7. Liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine.  No more carburetor woes!
8. Idling stop switch, now that's the Honda efficiency we're looking forward to be installed on motorcycles.

Cool Panel!

Will Honda finally give the other guys a run for the money?    Youbetcha!  And I can't wait to get my hands on this B-E-A-utiful scooter.