Sunday, March 1, 2015

Honda XR 150l Dualsports Motorcycle

The farm bike is back with a vengeance.


It ain't officially launched yet here in Luzon, but some dealers are already pre-selling limited Honda XR150l's at a promo price of just P83.9k.  Ok, weird, it would seem that it's cheaper than the XR125l which by the last time I checked reached a price tag of 87.9k.  If you see both dualsports Honda motorcycles in a dealership, it's gonna be a no-brainer.  That is a big IF!  I heard the XR150L sells like hotcakes!

Many have been very vocal about the XR125l's, not so flattering facade.   It did not fall on deaf ears, the powers that be in Honda listened.  The XR150l's headlight is superbly delicious to look at now.  Even the front fender is changed.  Those are a two aesthetic changes to be expected from the more powerful farmbike aside from the yummy decal which sports a combination of all the colors Honda, the red, black and white.

If the Honda XR125l is good enough for trail-riding purposes, I can't wait to have my hands on the XR150l.  Just in time, it is the start of the trail riding season.  

Only a couple of aesthetics were changed but the difference is remarkable.  Headlight cowling, front fender and the body decal.  Everyting else is the same, including wheel sizes.

Another less obvious difference is the instrumentation panel.  While the XR125L is reminiscent of the XR200's panel, the XR15)L's a bit more up to date when it comes to styling.

Although the XR150l seems to be getting the nod from most riders, the XR125l still has a quality that the other hasn't, incredible fuel economy.  A 125 is a 125 and a 150 is a 150.  I can squeeze as much as 45 kilometers to a liter  (eco run) from the XR 125L.  While normal riding gets me anywhere between 36-40 kml.   The XR150L yields 32-35 kilometers per liter.  Still not bad for a dual-purpose go-anywhere bike. 
The side profile is ok, but man, the top view is sex-eeeyyyy!
I've used, misused and abused the XR125l on many-an-offroads.  It did not disappoint.  What more could an additional 25cc of power do in those dirty situations?  I wanna know too!

When I tested the XR150L on the road, there's no denying the additional power compared to it's 125 sibling.  It get's you to three digit speeds faster.

Once I get my hands on the XR150l, I'm challenging Sta. Ines's 30 river-crossings.  

Honda colors red black and white.
There's a white XR150L??!?!?  Me gusta!
Engine: 149cc, 4-stroke, OHV, 1 cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 57.3 x 57.8
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Induction System: Aspirated
Starter: Electric and Kick
Engine Voltage: 12 Volt
Charging Method: Engine
Fuel: Gas 
Tank Capacity: 12 L
Transmission: 1 down, 4 up Manual
Swingarm Type: Dual Sided
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork with 160 mm travel
Rear Suspension: Mono shock with 150 mm travel
Front Brake: Single disc, hydraulic
Rear Brake: Drum
Wheel Type: Spokes
Front Tyre: 90/90-19"
Rear Tyre: 110/90-17"
Length: 2,090 mm
Width: 810 mm
Height: 1,125 mm
Wheelbase: 1,360 mm
Ground Clearance: 245 mm
Curb Weight: 130 kg

Comparing the two XRs.  

360 degree view:

Update: Awaiting OR/CR - Will get a demo unit soon!  Watch out for updates!

For the mean time, more photos from my neighbors XR 150L!

Update: I Got It!

He so happy!
This morning could be considered one of the happiest mornings of my life.  My neighbor received for me a package that made me very very happy.  It's the much-awaited Honda XR 150L.  

Brand Spanking New

Riding Impression (Road)

The power is definitely there.  You could say that the handling is very close to the 125cc.  Light and nimble.  It's very maneuverable on roads, tight traffic jams.  As for the speed, yes it gets you there, to as much as a 150cc could give you.

The torque is available when you need it! Overtaking is not a problem as it easily out runs bothersome cars in front of it.  Also, the XR150L can easily overcome steeper clinbs, without bogging or overrevving the engine.

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