Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maharlika Riders Team Kwak Kwak Charity Ride

The Maharlika Riders, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts which hail from different areas of the world, with the cooperation with the country's premier Kawasaki club, Team Kwak Kwak, will be going to Chosen Children Village Foundation in Silang Cavite on April 10, 2015.

After the charity ride, the team will then go straight to the 21st National Convention to join the brothers in the community.  

As they say, if you're gonna ride, might as well ride with a purpose.  And this is the kind of rides the TurbanRider will definitely go with.  

Update: Photos

It was awesome!  Even Fr. Juvi, the bond that held the riders together in this event was amazed to see horde of two-wheeled-lovers who came and gave their share of help to the Chosen Children.  I was expecting just about 20 or so riders, but many heeded the call of one of the coolest, motorcycle-riding priests I ever met.

We sure will!

The Chosen Children Village is situated in Kilometer 49 of Aguinaldo Highway
Just some information you might find useful.

Riders from Duty Free came in and joined the charity ride
This guy went places!
The Chosen Children Village grow their own Robusta coffee beans.  The taste and aroma is awesome.  
Hello back at you!
Breakfast time for the children.  It is very orderly and systematic.  A meal preluded by a prayer.
The kitchen view from outside
This van was recently donated and is appreciated by the foundation very much
Another view of one of the house in the village
view leading to one of the halls
there they are!  we arrived early and waited for the riders to come.

Mr. Tony of LERAP Cavite (left) welcomes the riders

Mr. Arnel Juco of Kawasaki was there.
Mr. Bobby Orbe of Wheeltek was also present.

Cool.  He's wearing my favorite helmet brand

Team Kwak Kwak
Our friends from the LTO
The Maharlika Riders

Mr. Adrian Baltazar of Motul bringing in raffle items.  Anti-flat!
Motul Anti-flats and a Spyder helmet were raffled off to the participants

The bond.  Fr. Juvi Coronel
The Chosen Children performs a number for us. 

I wasn't able to decipher what all the letters spelled

Mr. Noel Villanueva just had to dance to the beat.  It was unsightly!  Peace Noel!  Hehe.
The ryhthm is infectious!
Cool moves!
"Come on people, bring out your wallets!"
This pass the hat (or more like, go-to-the-box-and-drop-moolah) generated more than P30,000!  

For the main prize, a Spyder lid
Fr. Juvi officiates a very interesting bring-me game
"Bring me a rosary" was Fr. Juvi's game for for the helmet.  And he is the lucky, or should I say blessed, winner.
The Maharlika Riders, Fr. Juvi and yours truly.
All in all, including the riders' "pass the hat" and the Maharlika's generous donation, we were able to raise more than P50k in cash.  

For more information about the Chosen Children, you can visit their website here.http://chosenchildrenfoundation.com/