Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Partakan 2015 Ride and Rock Fest

The first one was ultra-awesome!  I wouldn't miss this for the world!  See you there friends on May 1, 2 and 3 at Sta. Ana, Cagayan.  Thank you ROPALI for bring back one of my most memorable events last year.

Prepping Up

Sta. Ana, Cagayan is one of the best places one could ever ride to.  The long stretch way up north is a splendid way to spend the long weekend riding.  Gives you time to reflect on, things.  The sandy beaches of the north is already superb and a truly relaxing way to spend a summer because less people go there, there's also the Palaui island that you could explore whilst there.

I've been waiting for this event for months.  Well, 12 months exactly.  I was present at the first Partakan Festival and it was easily one of the most memory-laden trips I did for the year.

This time, I'll be using the "tour-ready" Honda CB Shine 125 to go there.  Hope to see you all there!

Spyder Motard (helmet), Spyder Blaze (jacket and Spyder gloves.  I'm good to go!
Unfortunately, they ran out of SB2000 (universal bracket for the Givi SB).  With Mr. Binggoy Berenguer of Motoworld.
This is what I bought from the IR BF.  A Givi Side Box which cost me P4,200 discounted price from P6,000 for the pair.  Not a bad deal.

I'm already thinking of doing this, If I wasn't able to get the Givi Sidebox
Been readying the cycleseal for this ride.  It's time.
I don't do long rides without cyclesealing my tires first.
From Overdose - them 6 LED lights I've been wanting for so long finally back in stock!
18 watter LED lights.  Me gusta!
Let's just say, if a motorist coming my way didn't dim their lights, well, they're gonna, SEE THE LIGHT!
Against the elements!  This JM Mirasol windscreen is a wonderful thing when it comes to touring.  Kills bugs instead of dying in your jacket.
The Ride

It's no easy travel.  It is a 650 kilometer ride!  One way!  Honestly, I've done Ironmans, Cannonball and Motorallys, but it's still a butt-crunching ride all the way to Sta. Ana.  But the reward is more than worth it, as you'll see in the pics.

This ground beef serving costs 3 digits!  
2 up riding!
The CB Shine is one tough bike!
Sun-visored lids are my prefered helmets, in many ocassions.
The traffic in Nueva Viscaya was hellish!  People get out of their cars to chat with other motorists in the street.  Some camped besides the road! 
Always glad to see you Isabela!
The few times I had to stop for gas and rest.  The CB Shine was built for distance running and economy!

Forgot to bring sandals.  Good thing they sell an array of sandals along side the road. 
Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resorts in Sta. Ana.  One of the finests I've ever stayed at.

I could live in this villa forever.
A-O-K bathroom!  Hot and cold shower, hair blower, the works!  They even have shaving cream and razors ready, they think of everything.
Art everywhere. 2 double-sized beds occupy one room.
My slowly but surely ride, the Honda CB Shine 125

The party's starting!
The P250 ticket gets you an event shirt and a chance to win a motorcycle!
The Suzuki Shooter, one of the motorcycles that was raffled off.
Mr. Mel Aquino and Mr. Louie Ruben, the hosts of Partakan festival
People camps out in the beach.  
Imagine, this is happening at the topmost corner of the country.  Very serene, very wonderful place. 
I remember these from last year!
The Yamaha XTZ is one of the raffle items in the event.  This one is a modified version from YRS
Let the games begin!
Loving my flip-flops!
It's a neck and neck battle.  The winners are the coast guard team.
I might not have won any motorcycles, but I sure did bring home gazillions of free shirts from the event.  
Brando and Roma
More photos!

Oh yeah!
If you buy an event shirt worth P250, you get a chance to win one of the five motorcycles and gazillions of other items
Road to paradise.  This lonely road leads to the Pozo Robo, probably the nicest place in the Earth.
May favorite helmet brand, Spyder!  There's two of them on the picture
Yamaha XTZ free test ride 
If you test ride the Yamaha XTZ, you win yourself a free Yamaha shirt, how crazy is that!
The Ropali helmet looks cool
The Kymco brand is a best selling brand in Europe.  Pictured here are their 4 best scooters, the Super 150, Like 125, Xciting 400i and Like 200i
Battle for the best motorcycle club
I could live here forever.  A respite from the daily routine
Just beyond is the Palaui island.
Go team pink!
Great spot you got there sir.
The fun begins.
These Yammies are capable.  Maynard and I toured the coastal area of the Pozo Robo with the XTZ.  Incredible experience!
Perks of having a windshield,
Mr. Joel Joya of Motorsiklo News Magazine
I remember joining this last year.  It was a hellish game but fun!
This game is... wait for it... tiring!  Yey!
Oh we see some ninja moves there.
The hardest part of the game.
My trusted bike.  The Honda CB Shine 125
This is harder (or more painful) than football.
Brando Rosales of MotorcyclePhilippines.Com
A winner of the Ropali lid.
Touring the Sta. Ana shoreline, priceless
Adventure?  Wait for me!
These are the Yamaha XTZ125 modified by YRS.
The Ropali Babes being interviewed by Mr. Mel Aquino.

The Night Party 

Reggae and Ska.  It was a night of fun, party, motorcycle raffles, and of coure plenty of booze.  We were gonna sleep in the camp anyways, so a little celebratory drink was ok.  The bands played good music while intermittently Mr. Mel Aquino and Mr. Louie Ruben would interrupt with raffles.  Trabillion of shirts were raffled off and thrown away.  Also, some lucky delegates were lucky enough to bring home FDR tires.  And several Ropali half-face helmets were given away.  While holding on their beers, most were chanting to the sound of chillin' music of the bands. But when the Chongkeys played their tune, it was a riot!

Of course a Ropali babes adorned the night and entertained the riders with their witty responses and their best and sexiest "oh... my... god" cries.

Ska and Reggae?  bring out the peace pipe!
Ms. Rosalyn of Yamaha ready to draw the winner of the XTZ125 
And there she is! 
She so happy, she's wearing it upside-down
Another raffle prize is the Suzuki Shooter
From CPI, 2 Tyke were raffled off that night
Mr. Lito Orquiza calls on the one of the winner of the Tyke.   It was Mr. Adrian Baltazar of Motul.  Mr. Baltazar was at that time not within the area.  I called him up to let him know he won himself a motorcycle.
Ropali Babe "Oh my god" contest
Mr. Orquiza calls on another winner of the Tyke

Ei, I know her!  It's Ms. Dian Dayag (middle) of Hotel Dian!  Nice to see you and your friends!
Mr. Henry Tenebroso of Kymco raffles off a Kymco KTR 125
The lucky winner of the KTR 125
Our three hosts for the night, Mr. Goku Ortiz, Mr. Mel Aquino and Mr. Louie Ruben.
Gary of Suzuki and the winner of the Suzuki Shooter. 
What did they put in that coke?  Yep, you know it's a complete party when this happens.
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