Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yamaha Big Bikes in the Philippines


– Inside Racing Bikefest 2015 –
Yamaha announces the coming of big bikes.  Yey!
WORLD TRADE CENTER, PASAY, March 21-22, 2015 — Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. had recently participated in the Inside Racing Bikefest, a first in the company’s history which was an opportunity to exhibit the brand’s excellence; making it the biggest edition yet.

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc, Inside Racing and the Binibining Pilinas ladies.
The biggest news of the festival would be the announcement of the Big Bike Business being opened in the country within the year; this was the revelation made by YMPH President, Mr. Toru Osugi. After launching the Tricity in January, this news made Yamaha enthusiasts more thrilled about the arrival of a new category. To give everyone a taste of what’s to come and making things even bolder and bigger, motorcycles that showcase pure power and unrivaled ability were on display. These were the MT-09, Super Tenere, T-Max 530, and Bolt. Soon to be revealed would be which units will be made available in the country. It’s something all riders should be excited about.  

Triple the fun!  The Yamaha Tricity looks exciting!
Another big announcement would be the brand new Yamaha Club System explained by Yamaha Club Head, Kristoffer Manayaga; as an all new online registration feature for a faster, more efficient, and more comfortable way of becoming part of the growing Yamaha family. They just have to go to to register using Facebook or via email. Complete their profile, encode their motorcycle unit, update and verify their contact information. They will receive an SMS confirmation message afterwards. Afterwards, they can go to any Yamaha 3S Shop and present the SMS message and perform an initial purchase worth Php150 to verify their application. YMPH will then send their YClub Kit to the Yamaha 3S Shop they prefer when the process of application has been completed. 
Now, it's easier to register into the Yamaha Club
To further emphasize this point, a demonstration of the process would be initiated by the newest members of the club; Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson. They would start off at the Yamaha Club registration area just outside the venue. After the registration they would enter the venue riding the Yamaha Tricity. Upon arrival in the gallery, they would be officially presented with the new Yamaha Club Card which they can now use to avail of special discounts and other exclusive benefits. 
The announcement was made in Yamaha’s exhibit called the “Gallery of Dyanmism” area where guests became part of the unwavering theme of Refined Dynamism; a harmony of color, design, and a new product lineup.

Gerard Anderson and Maya Salvador
The gallery area’s opening on would start with Ballet Manila performing an elegant routine that would include the unveiling of covered Yamaha units. To add more beauty to the already revealed products, Yamaha would be bannered by the ladies of Binibining Pilipinas. Namely, Ms. Abbygale Monderin, Ms. Zahara Somano, Ms. Patricia Lae Ejercitado, Ms. Carin Ramos, Ms. Karla Alas, Ms. Roxy Marasigan, Ms. Paulin Quintas, and Ms.Paulin Balagtas.

Binibining Pilipinas ladies graced the Yamaha stage
Hosted by Tom Alvarez and Jinri Park, they would talk about the different categories that were on display. First, the Automatic category featuring the Mio Sporty, Mio Soul i, Mio Mx i, & Mio Fino i. Then, the R-Series with the YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 and the now available YZF-R15. The Yamaha Tricity was also there with its state-of-the-art LMW or Leaning Multi Wheel technology that will make you Move Like No Other. 

Tom Alvarez
Jinri Park

As guests entered the venue, an all digital registration featured two 55-inch touch screens that allowed guests to encode their names and other details while answering a few survey questions. After that, they would receive an SMS confirmation that they can now avail of their special Yamaha Bag along with stickers upon entry. 

Day 2, was just as exciting with the pairing of Tom Alvarez with the always entertaining Joyce Pring during the afternoon program. They gave away prizes to guests and discussed the different products on display and the new Yamaha Club System. They ended the program with a video that showed how the gallery came into fruition and the events that took place during the weekend. 

Yamaha finally announced the coming of big displacement bikes!
It was another milestone for Yamaha Motor Philippines, sharing with you not just an exhibit or a display of our products, but also an embodiment of dedication to all customers. Complemented by a huge announcement composed of elegance, originality, harmony, and uniqueness; Yamaha creates more than just machines; but also give exhilaration and innovation that will Rev your Heart.

They're really here!  The big bike arena just got a little more interesting.
People eagerly await the official launch of the Yamaha bikes
Any moment now...
Yep.  Yamaha, as always, comes out with a bang!
Yep, that is the Yamaha R1!
Classy and beautiful.  She ain't bad either.
Yamaha test ride
Upon registration, riders get to enjoy freebies
Tom Alvarez and Joyce Pring
The Yamaha Tricity.  If I may say so boldly, these three-wheeled wonder stole the show at the IR BF and TS