Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yamaha Grand Prix Year 6 Sta. Rosa Laguna

Are you ready for yet another heart-revving action this Sunday?  It's the year 6 of the Yamaha Grand Prix!  And as a bonus, see for yourself, even testride the beauty that has been buzzing in the motorcycling community, the YZF-R15.

See you all on March 29, 2015, Sunday at SM Sta. Rosa, Laguna!

Update: Leg 1

The weather was perfect!  Although it scorched us spectators, the sun was a very welcome visitor in the races, and he stayed. The game was very exciting as big names in the racing industry participated in one of the most anticipated Yamaha events, the 6th Yamaha GP.  

Photos of the event:

The Mo2rista peeps were there.  

The Yamaha babes are a show by themselves

Maynard, Ricci, Ingemar and Teth
Thank you so much Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc for the invite.
Ms. Jen Perey of Yamaha
The wonderful and fun to talk to ladies of Inside Racing, Ms. Reycel, Ms. Riza and Ms. Jennifer

chika time!
Great to see an old mechanical friend there

Karen Bordador graces the event

Alluring Karen woot woot!

James Orlanda of Speed approves of the R15

Maynard of C! Magazine is happy
Father and Daughter James and Anne Orlanda enjoy the races