Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Failed Attempt at Kinabuan Falls Tanay Rizal

It was a good day to ride
It was the perfect day, perfect weather to try to reach Kinabuan falls in Tanay Rizal.  It was a sunny Saturday and just a few people in were there (as the Barangay Hall of Sta. Ines log sheet told us).  We would really REALLY enjoy a refreshing bath at the falls.

The road was a combination of compacted but gravelly road, and (seemingly) millions of river-crossings
The started with a lengthy and heavy meal prepared by Randy and Judy at their house, Dried squid, corned beef with cubed potatoes and of course, fried delicious rice.  After that highly satisfying meal, a nap on Randy's couch would've been something I'd enjoy on any weekend.  Brando suggested it already, but apparently, we are dead set on conquering the elusive Sta. Ines.

If I have to choose between food and riding, my brain will malfunction
Randy, Maynard and Brando decided to ride in Randy's Mitsubishi Strada.  I brought my favorite weapon against the elements, the Honda XR125L.

Been a while since the last time this bike tasted dirt.  
We parted ways in his house and met at the T-road (roughly 5 kilometeres before Katarina's Cafe, along the Marilaque route)  I arrived first and after a few minutes, they arrived soon after.

Don't mind if we do!
The road behind me
After buying quick snacks and drinks from a Sari-sari store, we hit it.   The first water-crossing was filled with gargantuan rocks and they were mossy too.  The backend of my bike just kept of fish-tailing, and fortunately kept on correcting itself.

Look at the size of those rocks!  Some are actually under the water, so it's a hit or miss trying not to tumble when you cross it.
We passed by a couple of MTBikers who figured it was a nice day to sweat then relax in the cascading waters.

There's a brave soul!  It MTB'ed his way up to Kinabuan!
It dawned on me, when we reached the Sta. Ines welcome arc, that after a few attempts, we finally reached it.  It was a happy town filled with nice people, and it happened to be a "fiesta" day, so it was a day of celebration.  We logged into their visitors sheet and before traveling on, the three enjoyed a scoopful of ice cream on a cone, while watching a baranggay basketball league.

Those are literally bullshits.
With the intense heat, I was actually willing to swap places with Brando.
After the town, it was immediately nature again and we noticed that some people are taking a dip in the river, filtered by a rock-formation.  The water was crystal clear and very inviting.  We could've enjoyed our day here, but it was Kinabuan that we wanted to see.

When I reached the nth crossing (I forgot), I didn't bother to inspect it, I just dove in.  It was deep, and I did get some water inside my carburetor.  But I wasn't worried, I just had to let the water drain itself and evaporate by leaving the bike idling for a few minutes.  The XR125L is one helluva bike.  We were just 5 more kilometers awy from the falls, but it's a long travel by feet.  The multistrada wouldn't be able to take on that deep water, and we decided to just head back and have lunch at Katerina's

The engine is totally submerged!  Good thing the water didn't get to the exhaust!
125 is all the displacement I need.
This kid was swimming in the water enjoying hi day, but not his solace.  
Our lunch in Katerina's consisted of flavorful pork sinigang and a very crispy pata.  After the coffee, we parted ways.  Since it was still early, I contemplated on visiting the wind turbines of Pililia but decided otherwise to have the XR's oil changed and tuned up.  Although we didn't get to Kinabuan, it was still a day not wasted, and we all enjoyed a great road (and offroad) trip.

They literally had a party when we left!