Friday, April 24, 2015

Coocase Fusion V28 motorcycle topbox

It's one of the nicest motorcycle topbox I ever owned, and I owned a few.  The craftsmanship upon closer inspection is magnificent!  The hinge looks tough and secured.  The plastic (very) matte finish looks great.

The V28 is, drum roll please... capable of holding a volume of 28 liters!

There are four variants of the Fusion:
1. B-Basic -
2. C-Classic - remote control lock, alarm
3. L-Luxury - remote control lock, alarm, LED brakelights
4. LL -Luxury -  remote control lock, alarm, LED brakelights, inner liner

Strangely, what I got is a V28 that has LED brakelights but no alarm.

SRP for the Coocase V28 that I got: P3,495.00

The keys come in a neat packaging
The Coocase automatically closes when you put the lid down.  A push button to opens it.  Very convenient.
LED brakelights come with the case. 
Cool idea and looks very sturdy!
Ready for connection to the motorcycles brake light wires.  The box thing is where you install the optional purchase of remote control.  Despite the design, yes the Coocase will fit in a full-sized helmet and more.

Sturdy looking base plate.  There is a video on Youtube where they tried to pry loose the box from the palte, to no avail.  
Will fit a helmet!
There's a cap available for the wire connector, in case you don't want to bring the topbox with you.  I just don't see why you'd want to part with the Coocase.
The underside of the V28.  Seen is the wire connector from baseplate to the LED lights

Here's that Youtube video of them trying to pry away the topbox from the plate: