Sunday, April 12, 2015

Guiness World Record Largest Motorcycle Burnout - Ropali Motorcycles, Kymco, FDR and History Channel

Happy, they are!  
It's not everyday you get to be a part of something awesome.  The Philippines has once again set another record as they got the Largest Simultaneuos Motorcycle Burnout record with 300 riders all burning their rear rubbers.  Not only was I there to witness the incredible event, I was there to WITNESS it!  As in as an official representative (even for just a few hours) of Guiness.

Ready to burn
There were 301 attemptees but we had to discount one rider as he wasn't able to (literally) smoke it.  Still, 300 was a good number.  The last record was 213 motorcycles.

He's ready.
At around 4:15pm, when the countdown ended, the place was filled with smoke as all 300 motorcycles burned their tires, much to the delight of the crowd.  And just to be sure, the attempt was repeated, and to the same result.  It was gonna be a record, I had to assume.

An ex-military man, Mr. Pravin Patel was as serious as he should be in verifying the record.  We were spirited away to a very confidential meeting in a quiet room to discuss what happened, short of saying we were debriefed of our observation.  Mr. Gilbert Chao, the other official observer and I were instructed to keep mum and put our poker faces on as we head back to the crowd and not divulge the result until the official announcement from Mr. Patel.

There were partying in the street!
Soon after, the official announcement were made, that we had gotten the record, and will be put in the book of Guiness.  The street was filled with merriment and countless congratulatory handshakes.  It was an amazing day, never to be forgotten by those who have been part of the glorious moment.  "I will be telling this story to my grandchildren one day/" said Mr. Jun Mirasol, one of the rides who broke the record.

It's oficial!
The record is now officially held by: Ropali Motorcycles, Kymco, FDR Tires and History Channel.  You can check it out now on their website.

Mr. Gilbert Chao, a fellow observer and Mr. Prav Patel, the Guiness World Record adjudicator
There were a lot of Kymco bikes that day
The Largest Simultaneous Motorcycle Burnout was part of the 21st National Convention of National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines.

April 11, 2015 will go down in History when 300 riders converged and smoked (yey pun) the old record of 217.    
More photos:
Good luck fellow rider!

Ex-military man Mr. Pravin Patel looking smart and snappy

It was an honor to be selected as one of the two official observers of the event.
One of the delegated "eyes" of the attempt.
Any moment now...

There it is!
After throttling for a few seconds, they know that they had it in the bag.  Congrats!
The two official observers.
Mr. Prav Patel and Mr. Jack Ruby
The plaque recognizing the attempt was successful handed to Ropali, Kymco, FDR and History Channel
Yeah we dd it.
Everybody wants to have a photo with the plaque

The Likeable Like riders pose happily for a camera
the other watchers
A lot of scooters rolled their rear wheels that day.
Sure! Haven't had lunch yet. 
Mr. Mel Aquino poses with the Cobra girls.

More photos:

pink is the new manly color.  and look at those Hello Kitty's!

With Gilbert and Mel Aquino, the host
We Filipinos love to overdo things.   Let's burn some more, just to make sure.

Yep they got it
Mr. Lakay Arreola and Mr. Aldous Alingog

Lucky bottle!

Mr. Louie Ruben and Mr. Mel Aquino of Ropali
Great!  2 mascots and 1 clown.