Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Honda Unity Ride - HRCP Philippines

Honda Riders filled the roads from Balintawak to Tagaytay
In motorcycling, there’s this great divide that clearly delineates a set of riders from another, the small and big bike groups.  Most often than not, riders with motorcycles having 400cc displacement or more are grouped together while those with less powerful bikes are treated as another group.   Almost never you’ll see them on the same ride or event.  April 11 was historic for the brand and in the community, as for the first time, all Honda riders met and rolled from Balintawak to Tagaytay as one, displacement irregardless.  It’s the Honda Unity Ride, an event which aimed to unite all the Honda fans regardless of size and type.  This occasion is still part of the 21st National Convention of the National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines, in which the host for this year was the Law-Enforcement Riders Association of the Philippines or more popularly known as the LERAP.

We salute the riders’ unity in promoting camaraderie despite the wide spectrum of displacement and classification of their motorcycles. 

A Honda Zoomer X and a Honda Wave behind it

two Honda Waves
A Honda CBR 150
A Honda XR 200
Honda Riders
Mr. Lloyd Garces (red shirt) of Honda Philipines, Inc witnesses the unity of all Honda bike users.
Spyder helmets were raffled off to the lucky participants
XR200's.  Yummy!
Super 4's and more.  Just some of the bigger displacement bikes of Honda