Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jay Razon Wins Pirelli Cup Middleweight Division

Jay Razon's green machine being prepped up for the race.
Jay Razon wins the Pirelli Cup Middleweight Division last Sunday at the Batangas Racing Circuit.   Jay, whose endless practices and memorization of each and every corner of the racetrack, has finally paid off with a glamorous win in the opening round of the Cup.  The victory did not come without its shares of hardships though. Jay has been doing cycling as part of his training to augment the roster of competition comprising of  veterans of the tracks, years ahead of him,  who have the advantage of knowing and applying all the tricks of the trade.   Luckily, Jay learned fast and was unafraid to attack corners and ride the bike at lightning speed.  

Jay uses the Spyder Phoenix fullface helmet for racing. "I liked the Spyder Phoenix so much, as the lens doesn't hamper my peripheral vision.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with me winning the championship." said Jay who now trusts the Spyder brand as his first line of defense against crashes as well as compliment his skills in performing well on the track.

TurbanRider Congratulates Jay Razon for winning the opening round of the Pirelli Cup 2015 Middleweight Division.

Jay Razon snatches the championship title of the opening round of the Pirelli Cup.