Friday, April 24, 2015

Ropali Double Guiness Record with Honda, Kymco, FDR and History Channel

Ropali now holds two Guiness world record.  Longest parade of motorcycle with sidecar and largest simultaneous motorcycle burnout.
Ropali held the celebration for the Double Guiness World Record Holder celebration at the Ropali Classics in Pasig.  The celebration was attended by the sponsors, media and key personalities involved in making the two records.  It was a fun-filled night as riders celebrated with a few drinks among friends and the band played 80's new wave music much to the delight of the crowd.

Thank you ROPALI for inviting the Turbanator to your wondrous celebration.
"Let's us enjoy the moment", said Mr. Jacque Ruby of history channel, when I asked him if there's any  plan if another group decides to beat our record, since it's now up for grabs.  Though I'm pretty sure, we the Filipinos, who loves motorcycling, wouldn't stand idly by, watch another country grab the record from us.  The riders will take arms and burn rubber again if needed be.

"It's something we could tell the children and the grandchildren" further said Mr. Ruby.  It's not everyday we get to be included in the prestigious book of records, so it's an awesome achievement.

I was actually one of the two official observers of the record attempt, the other one Mr. Gilbert Chao of Motorcycle Magazine (and Yahoo! Philippines), and it was truly an honor to be part of an awesome event.

The record says one thing about the economy and industry. It's a clear indication that the Philippines is becoming more receptive to the advantages of having a motorcycle, than the gas-guzzling car (even smart, compact, eco, etc) car still is a no match for the motorcycle.  We could easily beat any other motorcycle-related records if we want to, with just the right amount of preparation and sponsors.  Gathering hundreds of riders is no easy task, so kudos to the organizers of this event, the Blubit, and of course to History Channel, Honda Philippines, Inc., Kymco Philippines, FDR Tires and Ropali Motorcycles.

Mr. Mel Aquino one of the hosts of the ceremonies
While listening to the band.
Ms. Love-Love Tioseco, of Happy Lamon Club, happily devours the poor thing. 
Mr. Aldous Rex Alingog welcomes the guests to the celebration
Mr. Escorpion of Honda
Mr. Charles Tseng of Kymco
Mr. Jacque Ruby of History Channel
Mr. Ruby hands out the official Guiness Record plaque to the Alingogs
Mr. Charlie Ong of FDR, Mr. Sonny Escorpion of Honda, Mr. Jacque Ruby of History Channel, Mr. Aldous Alingog of Ropali and Mr. Charles Tseng of Kymco
The panel takes on the questions from the media
The Alingogs
The band plays new wave music, much to my delight.
Mr. Randy Silva-Netto of C! toasts to the celebration.
We are officially... AWESOME!