Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cabanatuan - Tricycle Capital of the Philippines

I had a wonderful stay at the Amada.  The place is nice and has a lot of artworks ready to be appreciated by hotel guests
The City of Cabanatuan is teeming with 3-wheelers, thus it's dubbed as the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines (or of the world for that matter).

After the launch of the Kawasaki H2R in Kawasaki Leisure Bikes Nueva Acija, I felt like it's still early to go home and decided to look around the place.

So at noon, I found myself roaming around the city.

The Amada Plaza Hotel.  This is the same hotel were I met Mr. Robin Padilla! 
Sungka!  Been a while since I last saw this game!
The portraits of father and mother of Dr. Rene Odulio of Wheeltek.  The Odulios are instrumental in making the Cabanatuan the Tricycle capital of the Philippines selling business models, and it is now the main mode of transport for the people of the city.
Of course don't ever go home without sampling their garlic-y Longganisang Cabanatuan!  Yummy trust me!
This is a bar actually.  I would love to go in on one of the nights.   
At the Wheeltek showroom!  Yey Honda!

Speaking of red horses...  

Good thing the main road of Cabanatuan is wide.
I sincerely thank the hospitality of the Odulios.  You have a wonderful city and I had a great time spending my day just roaming around zigzaging with the colorful tricycles of the place.  I look forward to spending another weekend there!