Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Suzuki Big Bikes Center in Wheeltek Makati

Suzuki will be relaunching the Suzuki Big Bikes Center in Wheeltek Makati.  I'm so excited to see and touch the Bandit again, after Maynard and I rode it to Bataan.  Apart from the Bandit, fast bikes GSX-R and Hayabusa will also be on display.  And one of my favorites, the ultra-capable V-Strom will be there.

Media Registration is a tad too early.  Well, I'll do best to be there.  Don't wanna miss this event!

I been here gazillions of times.  I know my way!


Mr. Mojica, Mr. Suzuki, Mrs and Mr. Odulio cut the ribbon and welcome the guests inside the Suzuki Big Bikes Store in Wheeltek
It was as successful as it should be.  The re-launch of the Suzuki Big Bikes Center in Wheeltek was attended by 300 big bike riders, media and guests and had the place jampacked with people partying the night away.

The Suzuki Big Bikes Center is located in the heart of Makati and is fused with the Suzuki Auto-Moto concept store.  The concept of the center highly resembles the concept of all Suzuki 3S shops in terms of color and styling.  And as with all 3S shops, the Suzuki Big Bikes center will be manned by competent people in operations, management, marketing, sales and service.

The Suzuki FI girls are there.  Woot!

Mr. Raymon Gabriel of BOSS, Mr. Erik Gatmaitan & Mr. Ricci Abrina of IR
Ms. April Elem poses for the cam.  Cuteness.
The Suzuki Big Bikes center will be carrying 6 new products namely the 2015 Hayabusa, V-Strom 1000 ABS, V-Strom 650 ABS, GSR 750, GSX-R 600 and the Bandit 650 A.  

Suzuki big bikes. Yeah!
The Endurance bike who made headlines for the Ironman, Cannonball and the Motorally.  It's the V-Strom

One of the highlights of the event is the 2015 Hayabusa.  
The new Suzuki store design is impressive!  With lounge areas and LCD screens looping motorcycle videos.  Makes for a great tambayan!
One of the stars of Pinay Cruisers is in the house.  Sharron Calderon!

Mr. Randy Silva-Netto of C! Magazine

Mr. Al Camba of IR, Ms. Edelyn Yanilla of Suzuki and Mr. Mel Aquino of Moto360

The coolest general Gen. Ding Pace of LERAP with Mr. Francis Rivera of ATPI

Love-love shows her 3 moolahs

The Inaguration was headed by Wheeltek’s President Dr. Reynaldo Odulio Sr.  Also present were Executive Vice President Mrs. Rosario Teresita Odulio, VP for Finance Mr. Raymond Joseph Odulio, VP for Operations Mr. Reynaldo Odulio Jr., VP for Sales and Marketing Mr. Roscoe Odulio and General Manager Mr. Bobby Orbe. 

Team Suzuki was also in attendance headed by its President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, who were joined by its Managing Director Mr. Norminio Mojica, General Manager for Sales and Marketing Mr. Jun Bulot and Assistant National Sales Manager Mitsunori Shiraishi. 

Special guest Mr. Butch Chase, who is a Suzuki rider and a Golden Wheel Awards Hall of Famer,  flew all the way from Palawan.

The doctor of philosopy Dr. Rene Odulio proudly recalls when he started his motorcycle business several decades ago, starting with just 3 Suzuki motorcycles.  

"Welcome to the FIRST SUZUKI BIG BIKES CENTER IN THE PHILIPPINES!" loudly exclaims Mr. Suzuki.  They keyword "first" is Suzuki's commitment to bringing in the big bikes to the country and making them accessible to the motorcycle riding public.

"With Suzuki Big Bikes we defy adventure. " - says Mr. Jun Bulot, as he explains the technological advances that resulted to power and performance for the big bikes.  
Engr. Philip Obillo explained what a Suzuki Big Bikes Center is all about, while he walked us through a 3D rendering of the concept displayed on the LCD screen.   

Back in the 70's, when Mr. and Mrs. Odulio first established their motorcycle business, in the garage of their home, the first 3 bikes that they were selling were all Suzuki bikes.  The history between the two biggest brands in the country is long and deep and continues to this day as the first ever Suzuki Big Bikes Center was created in partnership of the two.

Mr. Mojica (extreme right) and Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki (center) grants a Seal of Excellence to Mr. Rene Odulio (left) of Suzuki Big Bikes Center Wheeltek Makati for being the first of many more concept stores to be built around the country.

Legendary motocross racer Mr. Butch Chase flew all the way from Palawan to tell the story of their humble beginnings, when he was racing under the sponsorship of Mr. and Mr. Odulio.  He passionately tells the story of how he and his Suzuki RM tore the track back in the day, and made him a legendary figure today.
Mr. Chase was awarded a certificate of appreciation for the many decades of friendship between him and Suzuki.
For the main event...
It's official! The Suzuki RM Z 250 will be released soon!

The people I love.  Suzuki and Wheeltek
The LERAP is recognized as an important and much-valued friend of Suzuki and Wheeltek.  General Ding Pace and the LERAP accept the certificate of appreciation.
FHM model Ms. Alex Moreno gamely poses with Mr. Mojica for the camera.
Mr. Monch Bontogon, marketing manager of Suzuki Philippines, Inc and Mr. Maynard Marcelo, motorcycle editor of C! Magazine.
Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki and Mr. Rene Odulio sing together for the beatles song, Hey Jude!
Mr. Mel Aquino ripping it.
Mr. Mojica gamely jams with the band
Capping the night.  You know you had so much fun when the caterers are shooing you away from their leftover foods, booze and even their cocktail tables.  
A very classy keychain enclosed in a black box is given to the guest.  I can honestly say that this is the first time that I was given a keychain that I truly appreciate.  Not only because it looks elegant but it symbolizes a lot of things for me with relation to the event.  One of them, is my close connections with the people behind the two brands.
It was a fun and memorable party last night, as a lot of friends from the media, the industry and in the community were present to celebrate yet another wonderful news that will benefit all the motorcycle buffs out there who want an accessible way to quality motorcycles, spare parts, and service.  The Turbanrider is mighty glad to be part of this event.