Sunday, May 31, 2015

Honda Beat FI ESP Launched with the Let Your Beat Out Promo

They let the Beat out!
All the Features of the Honda Click FI, but the Frugality of the old Honda Beat

That is the promise of Honda's newest scooter, the Honda Beat FI.  MOA's Music Hall became witness to the launching of the one of the most awaited scooters from Honda.

In totality, the Honda Beat is the best selling scooter in the world.  But that is not the case here in the country, as another manufacturer holds on to that niche.  But with what the Beat FI can offer, it's gonna be hard for them to hold on to that.

The day started at 4pm with a 3 on 3 basketball competition.  After some hardcourt action from the finest young gunners, the streetdance competition ensued.

Thank you so much Honda!

The nice guys of Honda

Rider clubs were also invited to the event.  Especially the clubs that own Beats.

CRF 125 and CRF 450 displayed?  Are they trying to tell us something?

Got me a perfectly-time photo!

I can't wait to get my hands on the new Beat.