Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Honda Bike Fest hosted by HRCP - Eton Centris

June 14, 2015, Eton Centris will be venue to one of the biggest gatherings of all Honda fans and their bikes.  The Turbanator and his ever-reliable XR125L will be joining.  Hope to see you there!

What?  No picture of my beloved XR125L, one of the greatest dualsport bikes ever produced?  This is outrage! Or not!

This is interesting...
UPDATE:  It Was One Helluva Show

The official opening of the event was 5pm but already at that time, it was a sea of motorcycles at the back parking of the Eton Centris.  A sea of Honda motorcycles.  I almost didn't make it actually, as the parking was already full, but thankfully I managed to find a spot for my Honda CB Shine.

The LCD Billboard ad of the event.  Fantastic!

Always a joy to see our good friends from the CODE-R led by Mr. Dave Agbulos.

\I've just been from another motorcycle show, but eyes couldn't get enough.  There I was finding myself drooling with blinged out Honda bikes.

There are a couple of motardized duals.  Still likey likey.

Supporting each other, Honda clubs show how deeply rooted their friendships.  They go together everywhere.

Cruisers made a presence.

It was a jampacked event, exaggeration aside.  I almost found it hard to snake around people just to get from place to place.  

Scooters?  Oh yeah they had those too!

It was a night to remember for many riders.  It was estimated to have around 1500 Honda fans that attended the bike fest.  Due to the success of this event, they already announced next year's Honda Convention.