Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Seeker - Jaime Dempsey Ride N' Seek Philippines

Oh hi there Jaime!
Jaime Dempsey is the star of History Asia's hit show, Ride N Seek, where besides all the wild ride stuff, it's also all about motorcycles!    

On it's third season, Jaime will be riding the Ural motorcycle with a sidecar and will get to experience our own country.  Yey to that!  

She's as exactly as she is in her show, beautiful and bubbly!  I am now her biggest fan!  
The seeker finally found what she's been looking for. ME!  
This lid will now retire!  Thanks Jaime!
Now  for clear coating it.
Well wishes Jaime!  Take care and hope to ride with you too in one of your incredible journeys.  We thank Mr. Jacque Ruby for bringing in Ride N Seek here in the Philippines.


And off she goes!  She has started her journey and her first stop  is somewhere down south but not too south.  Lucky are those who will be able to chance upon our sweet biker girl, just trying to seek what's there to be found.

The Turbanator and Jaime say peace to you all!
Also, Ropali and Ropali Classics have officially announced a Meet N Greet night with Jaime Dempsey on May 28, 2015 8pm at the Ropali Classics Showroom in Pasig.  My fellow riders, you know where to go on that Thursday night!

Meet n Greet Jaime!  Hooray!