Monday, May 11, 2015

Largest Motorcycle Gathering for Road Safety - DOTC Decade of Action for Road Safety - Children and Road Safety

When I was growing up, my childhood neighbor was privileged enough to be sent hardbound up-to-date books by his mom in Italy, that I always used to borrow:  The Guiness Book of World Records.  I could easily say it's my favorite book.  The tallest man Robert Wadlow (close to 9ft tall) never ceased to inspire my awe.   Recently, the aptly-named fastest man made headlines around the world for outrunning competitors, Usain Bolt.  Everything fastes, biggest, smallest, farthest and all the -est in the world, can be read about in the Guiness book.  

Last year, I have attended Yamaha's biggest parade of motorcyles with 1208 Yamaha bikes parked in MOA concert grounds.  Alongside this attempt was, they successfully blew their horns (literally) and revved their engines simultaneously.  

Recently, I was an official observer of the attempt for largest simulataneous burnout in partnership with Ropali, Kymco, Honda, FDR Tires and History Channel with 300 motorcycles burned tires in Tagaytay.  The experience was... wait for it... tiring!  But I enjoyed it all the way.

This is actually a decade-long event and they are halfway thru it.  
This time, the Department of Transportation and Communications will be in passing, attempt to create the largest gathering of motorcycles, targeting more than 10,000 riders.  

But let's not forget as to why they are doing this.  A couple of years ago, the United Nations' World Health Organization commenced a program called, A Decade of Action for Road Safety, promoting the safety of both pedestrian and drivers alike.  One of the participating entities in this program is the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association of the MDPPA.   Yes ridiculous it may sound, the program will run for 10 years since 2011 up to 2020.  

This time, as a motorcycle rider myself, not only will I cover the event, but I will be a participant of breaking the record. 

See you all there!  Save the date, and let's do the vroom vroom!


A sea of motorcycles flooded the Roxas Blvd.
The riders converged at the length of Roxas Blvd.  Motorcycle groups whiled away the time taking selfies and ussies awaiting cue for the motorcycle.  It was a short stretch to the Quirino Grandstand.

It wa a hot, very hot md-morning when the program started.  Riders cramped themselves up in the tents provided supposedly for the sponsors but thankfully Suzuki tents were there to provide temporary shelter for the sweating riders.

The program was hosted by Mr. Jobert Bolanos of MRO and Ms. Lousie Bolton of Sex Bomb Girls.

Safety seminars wouldn't be complete without having the Philippine Red Cross. They discussed a couple of things to do in an emergency situation.

Soon afterwards, the stage was given to Mr. Mel Aquino and Mr. Noel Villapando. to officially conduct the safety seminar speaking all about helmets, motorcycles and proper riding.

The ticketing system registered 2150 riders, but it was estimated to have gathered 2,500 riders, and yes it was the biggest gathering yet of motorcycle riders for a road safety seminar.  Hooray!  Glad to be a part of this momentous occasion.

One of the host, and the face of MRO, Mr. Jobert Bolanos
Mr. Mel Aquino and Mr. Noel Villapando talked about motorcycle safety
DOTC Assec. Dante Lantin

Mr. Bolanos with the Turbanator
Mr. Mel Aquino, racer and stunt rider 
Suzuki bikes are awesome!  Seen are a couple of Raider R150s and the Skydrive
The Turbanator with Assec Lantin.
Advocates of safety
Mr. Jobert Bolanos and Ms. Louise Bolton
A safety speech is given by the Philippine Red Cross as well.

Mr. Sherwin Florendo, Mr. Rey Abat and Mr. Sul  Guiabel demonstrates the BESTGEAR.
The AH21 Yolanda survivors makes a presence
The day just got hotter.

More Photos!

The people I like.

Mr. Noel Villapando, Mr. Lakay Arreola and Mr. Mel Aquino