Monday, May 18, 2015

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Gilbert Limjoco

Mr. Gilbert Limjoco has always been known in the community, industry and motoring media as the face of Kymco Philippines, Inc.  He's also a mainstay representative of the brand for the MDPPA (Motorcycle Development Program Participation Association).  He's a jolly good fellow who only takes a millisecond or two to make a snappy comeback.  He's a actually a nice guy with a true genuine concern for the riders and for the motorcycling in general.  He's fun to be around.  He's a true rider at heart, that he is.

A few months ago, he suffered a debilitating stroke and got himself involved in two car accidents.  I never know that you could stay conscious while suffering the dreaded disease.  Good thing nothing serious happened in those two accidents.

He is now recuperating in his home.  Get well soon Mr. Gilbert Limjoco.  The community misses you so much.  I cannot imagine the Philippine motorcycling scene without a witty Gilbert Limjoco.

1. Mr. Gilbert Limjoco is an avid trail rider.  Whenever I visit him in his office, we spend a lot time talking about trail riding.  He would recall his trail days when he would just kickstart his bike and just disappear.  The last time he talked about something dirty, he said he just sold his Honda XR200 for only P50k, including a motard set of wheels!

2. Though we often see him riding a Kymco scooter, he is actually a very capable big bike rider.  We once went to Bataan using a back-breaking, arm-numbing (I would know, I used one for the Ironman) Ducati Monster 795.  He's a natural on it.

With a Ducati Monster
3. He is my number 1 Facebook heckler.  At most times, not an hour would pass by without him having something with sexual innuendo to say about my post.

Ah, my top hecklers

4. He is just a year away from retiring.  We often talk about his upcoming and most awaited retirement.  He did share some of his secrets with me, as to what he intended to do when he retires.  

5. He can easily be most intelligent person I know.  His witticism alone is a sure fire indicator of his intelligence, and his in-depth and technical knowledge about motorcycles and its industries is incredible.  It's like him imparting knowledge to me, whenever we have this motorcycle talk.

Fellow rider Mr. Gilbert Limjoco rides a Kymco 150cc scooter.
At an MDPPA event 
Representing Kymco for winning the Sports Scooter of the Year award for the Super 8.
Striking a pose with a Ducati
With Mr. Jobert Bolanos of MRO.
At the Road Safety Campaign of MDPPA
With Mr. Maynard Marcelo of C! Magazine and Mr. Carlo "Riderman Manila"de Guzman of Motorcycle Magazine
At the Cannonball Run with the endurrance riders KLOG
Mr. Gilbert Limjoco ready for a boodle fight with the media people
The first to greet me when I finished the Cannonball run, the infectious joy of Mr. Limjoco and I know he's proud of me and my bike when I endured the 500 kilometer challenge

Please get well soon sir Gilbert!  I miss your witty jabs.