Monday, May 11, 2015

Supercharged Ninja - Kawasaki H2R in Philippines

The Turbanator is going!
Recent, the Kawasaki H2 has just been unveiled by the Kawasaki.  In about a week's time from this writing, they will again make an explosive unveiling of the fastest, mightiest and most intimidating Ninja of them all.  On May 16, 2015, the Kawasaki H2R will be unveiled in Kawasaki Leisure Bikes in Nueva Ecija.

The street-legal Kawasaki H2 was officially launched in the IR BikeFest 9
The bike boasts of 300 horsepower, which has 50% more power than its closest competitor, the mythical Suzuki Hayabusa.

As per the grapevine, there are only a few select riders here in the country who are qualified to handle the H2R in terms of test riding it.  It only shows that the Ninja is one badass machine and the wild power it gives the rider is beyond comprehension.  It could easily exceed 320kmh when it comes to speed.  Do you even comprehend what 320kmh feels like?  I ain't even gotten to a 220 kmh!  Fastest I got so far was a little more than 200kmh with the Ducati Multistrada!

As I heard, we, the Philippines are privileged to have this kind of bike here.  It shows that the Philipine market is ready for the emergence of all the fast bikes it could import and sell.

The TurbanRider is certainly looking forward to even just touch the Ninja.

Update: The Ninja is Seen and Touched!


May 16 would be another historic day for the motorcycle industry and community as the fastest and most powerful bike in the world was unveiled.  It's the first H2R in the Philippines, and the first in Asia.  Ain't we in luck!

I traveled for more than 3 hours to be able to witness the mythical motorcycle.  The travel took me to the tricycle capital of the Philippines, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.  It was a hot and lengthy travel, but it was more than worth it.  I got to see firsthand the supercharged bike.

"Supercharged is different from Turbocharged" - Explained Mr. Miguel Bichara of C! Magazine.  While a turbocharged is, well, ok, a supercharged bike is wow!  It uses the air intake to produce more horsepower.

Mr. Dashi Watanabe of Kawasaki Racing Team and Mr. Miguel Bichara are just two of the lucky riders who will be able to sample the awesome power of the H2R at the Clark International Speedway.

Early birds.  Not only was the event the unveiling of the event, it was also the  official opening of the Kawasaki Leisure Bike Nueva Ecija
I guess I'm a little early.
The place is perfect!  A lot of bike can be accommodated here in the newest Wheeltek showroom
Mr. Inoue gamely poses with the Kawasaki models sporting the  "sign"
Mr. Arnel Juco of KMPI shakes hands with Mr. Maynard Marcelo
Dr. Rene Odulio with the welcome remarks
Happy birthday Ma'am Catherine!  
Racer Joey "Storm" Rivero explains more about the logo

Dr. Rene Odulio, the patriarch of the Wheeltek family gives the opening remarks, and with the question: "would you accept me in your motorcycle club?" addressed to the riders, to which in unison they said "YES!"
Mr. Jin Inoue, the President of Kawasaki Motor Philippines Inc also addressed the riders and gave a detailed speech about the awesomeness of the H2R\

Mr. Robin Padilla, offcial product endorser of Kawasaki
And when the H2R was unveiled...
A toast headed by Mr. Robin Padilla, Mr. Jin Inoue and Dr. Rene Odulio
The Odulio family
Mr. Roscoe Odulio himself rode the H2R up the ramp.  
Mr. Dashi Watanabe of Kawasaki Racing Team is just one of the very lucky few who would be able to test drive the H2R. 
The Inside Racing team headed by Mr and Mrs. Al Camba and senior photographer Mr. Al Camba
The Kawasaki Riders Club of the Philippines, I see my good old friend Mr. Marvin Tuliao there!
The BMW Owners Society of Saferiders With Mr. Mike, Mr. Peter and the "Together We Ride" Ms. Malou and Mr. Raymond
More BOSS!
The LERAP headed by General Ding Pace
The C! Team Randy, Jerel, Brando and Maynard
Mr. Jhoon "Baguio" Frigillana
Mr. Noel Villanueva of Team Kwak Kwak
Mr. Bernard "Lakay" de San Jose of BOSS

There I am touching it!  
See the logo at the backgroud just up above the gas tank?  It means that the H2R wasn't just produced by the motorcycle production line of the plant, but by the Kawasaki Heavy Industries.  The aerodynamics design of the H2R owes it to the years of experience from making spacecrafts!
A little longer wings and this thing would fly!  But the  design forces the bike down to keep it aground.  
Will I be able to test this on the tracks?  In my dreams.  Pfft.
Technological anvances?  The H2R got you covered.
The Turbanator meets Mr. Robin Padilla.   I'm almost so sure my mother would say that I'm better looking than him.  Almost so sure.
More Photos!

Mr. Jasper Aleta explains the route for the breakfast ride
The breakfast riders posing for a class picture
Looking great Mr. Petchoy Morales of BOSS!

Mr. Butchoy and Mr. Petchoy hey they rhyme!

Mr. Jhoon Frigillana!  I;m so happy to see you too!
Mr. Maynard Marcelo of C! Magazine poses with Ms. April Rose Elem of Wheeltek

Motorally elite finisher Mr. Butchoy Castillo

Rider readies up for a breakfast ride to Laur.