Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rizla+ Blue Suzuki Raider J 115 FI

Ain't she a beauty?
The market is ready

If there's one indication that the motorcycle market is growing and maturing, it's the inbound and influx of fuel-injected motorcycles.  FI's are not really new, as they, more often than not, are already integrated to bigger displacement bikes, even years before today.  Now that the people are becoming more convinced that FI bikes will not only be a thing of tomorrow, but of today, lucky for them more choices are available at the market to choose from.

One brand who is not afraid to brandish their fuel injection motorcycles is Suzuki.  One of their FI bike lineup is the Suzuki Raider J 115 FI.

115? Why It's Just the right amount of displacement!

If you're like me. who'd rather "be seen" than "be heard" when it comes to blazing the road, then the Raider J 115 is just the kind of motorcycle you're looking for.  The displacement of 115 (113 to be exact) is strategically created to be able to come up with a more powerful bike than 100cc's and a tad more efficient than 125cc's.  As if that's not enough, the FI tag in it makes sure that you get the best and most efficient gasoline consumption in every twist of the throttle.  As Suzuki claims, it can squeeze 63 kilometers from just a liter of gasoline.  As for my own gasoline computation, I was able to get more than 50kml from the bike when I drove it up north.  Still not bad considering I was fully throttling whenever a clear and long road came in front of us.

It may not bring you GSX-R speeds, but its easy-riding nature will have people appreciating the bike. 

Out Of the (Rizla+) Blue 

Suzuki has always been associated with the color blue.  The regular color blue.  Until a "joint" partnertship with a brand with a unique brand color.  Get it?  Joint?

One of the most iconic color the Suzuki ever put in the MotoGP is the cyan-ny light blue, due to its partnership with Rizla+, makers of rolling papers used for tobacco and marijuana.  Suzuki has since embraced this and came up with the Rizla blue as a color variant for the Suzuki Raider J 115 FI.  

Yes Rizla+ is fashioned with a "plus" sign indicating the family name of the founders Lacroix, french for "the cross".  Oh and Rizla+ is also one of the oldest companies in the world tracing back to 1532 (not a typo!) when Pierre Lacroix traded his rolling paper.  Yes you can check Wikipedia for that!

Embracing the color.  Suzuki tore the tarmac with the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP bike.  The color is one of the most recognizable and has since adopted as a motorcycle color option for the Suzuki Raider J 115 FI.
Riding Impression

Being an underbone guy, I know very well that semi-automatic bikes IS the best bikes in terms of shifting configuration.  It eliminates the use of the manual left hander clutch levers, not only freeing our left hand of it's task in riding, but also, taking one item away to worry about.  Perfect right?

As for the handling, the Raider J 115 is ultra-maneuverable.  It's light, it's easy to manhandle but that doesn't mean it's no road-worthy. Even though it weighs light, it performs on the road well.  Cornering may get a little getting used to, especially if you're coming in from scooters or standard bikes.  But after a few bends, you'll be leaning like Espargaro.

I traveled from Manila to Kalinga to get to know what the Raider J 115 FI is all about.  Definitely, it's about the efficiency of riding an underbone coupled with a fuel injection engine.  It's about injecting in the correct amount of petrol into the engine as far as the sensors are concern including the one in the throttle, always computing how many cc to burn depending on the precise twist degree of the throttle.


If you're looking for a speedster, go get the Hayabusa.  If you want a more affordable speedster, go get the king of underbones the Raider %150.  If you want to have a no-nonsense reliable bike that has a full tank that will yield you more than a hundred kilometers in one go, go get the Suzuki Raider J 115.  

The Raider J 115 FI at one of the mountains of Kalinga
Minamalist panel, so you could focus more on the road, not on it.
At the foreground is its older and much powerful sibling, the Suzuki Raider R150, hailed as the king of the underbones.

I had much fun using this no nonsense but fun entry-level fuel injected Raider J 115 FI.  So efficient and fun to ride, and very comfortable.
And before I forget, Suzuki has a promo of free Suzuki helmet and a Spalding sportswatch for every purchase of the Suzuki Raider J 115.

ENGINE TYPE 4 Stroke, Air-Cooled, SOHC
BORE X STROKE 51.0mm x 55..4mm
FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel Injection
STARTING: Electric / Kick
IGNITION SYSTEM: Electronic Ingnition
TRANSMISSION TYPE: 4-Speed, Constant Mesh
CLUTCH TYPE [PRIMARY]: Wet Shoe, Automatic, Centrifugal type 
SUSPENSION FRONT: Telescopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
SUSPENSION REAR: Swingarm Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
TIRE SIZE FRONT: 70/90-17M/C 38 P, tube type
TIRE SIZE REAR: 80/90-17M/C 44 P, tube type
LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT: 1910mm X 670mm X 1000mm
CURB MASS: 94kg (Spoke)
SRP: P67,900.00

For more info about the bike, visit the Suzuki website.