Friday, June 26, 2015

3-Wheeled Adiva AD3 now in the Philippines

It was a very timely Thursday hangout night in Ropali Classics.  There as soon as I entered the store, there I was finding myself staring at 2 beautiful Italians.  I've never seen them before, nor heard their name, but it was love at first sight.  Yes I was instantly smitten by two Adiva scooters, the AD3.  Regular scooters they're not.

Mommy I want one!

Windshields have their drawbacks, one of them is they block the very thing you love motorcycling, that's the feeling of going against the wind.  The Adiva has airvents to direct the flow of air to you.
The pillion would be sitting in a very oomfortable position.  I can imagine a very long ride with this.
The  AD3 is fuel-injeted, 299cc, liquid-cooled scooter.  But don't let the tag fool you.  This is the best compromise between a car and a motorcycle!  The windshield is also equipped with a wiper and yes, a water squirter!

This is the very view I first saw the Adiva.  Tell me you weren't smitten.
The shock absorbers are fully adjustable and can be configured to handle different weight loads.  Tire diameter both 13in, with 150/70 at the rear and 130 at the front.

I've had my share of riding 3 wheelers.  I'm intrigued as to how it fares with the others.
Impressive bells and whistles.  The key also locks / unlocks the back compartment.  Compact LCD panel in the middle of two gauges, where the right one is, strangely, indicates the fuel level.  
Large back compartment accommodates the retractable roof, and more.  
Aftermarket parts will also be available such as foot rests.  The Adiva will be exclusively sold by Ropali Classics.  

The tank has a 13 liter capacity and is a good enough quantity for kilometers of non-stop riding.  I still have yet to get the exact kilometrage after I take one out for a spin.

The underseat compartment houses a universal car charger.  No low batt excuses!
Retractable roof and neat stores in the back compartment.  It looks a little odd though because of the oversized windscreen.
As per Mr. Ermie Espeleta, the pricing would not go beyond the half a million mark.  Still a vague response as to the question of affordability.  But let's just say that it'll cost around the vicinity, it will still not be bad considering this thing got the best of  both worlds; the convenience and weather protection of a car, and the true enjoyment of motorcycling.  The gadgetry and the technology involved can command the price and the novelty of exclusivity is a bonus.

I can't wait for the demo units to arrive.  I just gotta have a go with this rare Italian-bred beauty.

Very timely for the rainy season!