Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ducati Motto Caffe in Katipunan

Ah finally.  Me and my friends have been wanting to go here.  We heard a lot of nice things about the Ducati Motto Caffe.  And they didn't disappoint.

You know you're in the presence of Ducati fans if this is what the menu looks like.

I'm no vegetarian and I usually leave the 'shrooms when they're on my plate.  But when they HIGHLY recommended that I take a shot at it and I did, well, I was instantly a fan.  Just not for those with high uric acid.
If my kitchen looks like this, you'd never see me again.
A slice of one of the most succulent pizzas I've ever bitten.  See that leaf?  I don't know what that is, I'm no vegetable wizard, but whatever that is, it adds a wonderful taste to the alreay tasty and fress Pizza.  
The foods are tasty, the place is clean and nice, and the presence of Ducati's eyecandies are a welcome surprise.  The pizza is served with ultra-fresh veggies, and a thin crust so you're not eating bread, but toppings.  

Coffee is always perfect after a good meal.  They serve superb coffees.

You also get to see the beautiful bikes of Ducati.  This is the Scarmbler Ducati and on it is C! Magazine's Mr. Maynard Marcelo

The place is quiet and serene and a good meet up place for riders.  You'd appreciate the cool and moderately-lighted ambience .  

The toys are good conversation pieces, especially if you're a rider.  The Scrambler Ducati justs steals the show.

I highly recommend this to food connoiseur, and see and taste for themselves what the Ducati Motto Caffe is all about.

Your's truly with Mr. Binggoy Berenguer of Motoworld and Mr. Maynard Marcelo of C! Magazine  (photo credit to Mr. Rally Zamora of Ducati Motto Caffe)
Ducati Motto Caffe is located at 222 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City.  Oh no there's no excuses not going here.  It's in the center of Metro, and any bikes are welcome!

I am going back there.  I haven't tasted their other stuff!

To know more, you can visit their facebook page here.

Update:  Hanging Out at Nights Just Became Better

Nothing better to do on a Thursday or a Friday?  So why not hang out with some cool people?  Or if you prefer, just check out the cool bikes.  Weeeee!