Monday, June 8, 2015

SRFC - Suzuki Raider 115 FI Club Charity Rider to San Ysiro

Part 1:  The Treacherous Trek in the Trail

With Suzuki Philippines, Inc president himself, Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, gamely poses with the SRFC for a camera before going up to Antipolo.

SRFC (Suzuki Raider FI Cub) with the support of Suzuki Philippines, Inc, have trekked together one of the treacherous trail roads of Antipolo for a charity ride.  The recipients are the elementary-level students of San Ysiro Elementary School.  

The road ain't easy.  And it wasn't easier either.  Just a little more than a year ago, San Ysiro has been a favorite riding destination of hardcore offroaders because of its hard to attain places due to ultra-muddy roads.  Good thing they added gravel into it and made the roads more travellable (if this is even a word).

The "fun" really began when the riders took a left turn right after the famous "Mang Vic's Bulaluhan"  A few kilometers of paved road led the riders to a sudden offroad.  We had to take extra care traversing the road from here as it's filled with sudden bumps and slippery gravels.  The road would've been better if there's a little rain.  It did rain, but on our way back.

Good job Mr. Marshal.  He stopped right at the beginning of the offroad part to warn riders and to slow them down.

This is actually a river crossing.  But not in the trail lingo.
I like you because you wear my favorite brand of lid.  Woot!

Slowly but surely.  These riders are carefully treading their way to San Ysiro.  

Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, president of Suzuki Philippines, busy as he already is, made sure to be part of the riders' charity ride.  He seems to be having fun, all the way from the travel to the the destination.

The best part for me, as an offroad nut, is when I saw that small stream where we had to cross to get to our destination.  Many riders were bedevilled when they encounter the brook.

Oopsie daisy!

For some, this is one of the treacherous part, for some, this is the most fun.  

I am truly impressed with the Suzuki Skydrive 125.  Not only it's powerful enough to take a gravelly gradient road, the suspension is very commendable. I actually had fun blazing through the road with this scooter.  Yes this is a scooter and it is a capable trail bike.   
Part 2:  We're Just Happy Just To Be Alive!

After the roads roughed us up, after the beatings that the motorcycles and riders took from the seemingly endless barrage of stones, projectiled by the wheels of fellow riders, the sight of a civilization was such a welcome surprise. 

In fairness to all the Suzuki underbones that I rode with, they're a bunch of tough bas%@3ds!  With the roughness of the path that we trod, I half-expected a breakdown from any of the bikes.   But noooo.  Despite the kilometers of dirty track, all the Suzuki bikes and riders all survived it.  And there I overheard someone said "I'm just happy to be alive!".
Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki's definitely having fun with the kids.

Upon entering the San Ysiro Elementary School, the elementary students were behavely awaiting for our arrival, and saw their faces light up when they saw the horde of rider coming in to greet them.

A room with a view.  I would have traded my old school for this!

Mr. Hiiroshi and Mr. Florendo amazed at the sight of "text", an old miniature series of cards depicting Filipino movies in numbered sequence.

We came to in the honest to goodness belief that we will be entertaining the kids of San Ysero.  But it was them who entertained us, with impromptu dance and song numbers, and they got talent I tell you.

These fellas gave us the entertainment of the lifetime with their almost-NSFW dance number.

My workmates for a day.  The good people of Suzuki, Mr. Sherwin Florendo, Ms. Edelyn Yanilla, yours truly and Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki.

The only kind of fight we all want to get involved in.  A boodle fight!
The place wasn't easy to reach.  But it was never about having it easy.  It's sometimes about the sacrifices we make to make other people put on a smile that makes it all worth it.

The TurbanRider sincerely thank Suzuki Philippines,Inc and the guys of SFRC for this wonderful opportunity to be immersed with the fine people of San Ysiro, Antipolo.  Until next ride!