Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LERAP at 19

LERAP or the Law-Enforcer Riders Association of the Philippines, led by General Ding Pace, successfully celebrated their 19th year anniversary, just a one year shy of being together for two decades.
The event was held in Driftwood Resort in Indang Cavite.  The night was filled with round  round tables all scattered around the covered court of the resort, and it was quite a view to watch a sea of yellow and blue laughing and listening the night away to the music of the  band.

Astek Ang, the host for the night raffled away cool items for the riders to enjoy.  One winner, courtesy of Spyder Philippines, gets to have a helmet of his choosing as a prize.  

Several chapters from all around attended the event and clearly demonstrates what brotherhood is all about, by having a strong presence in the event.

Your's truly too had his night of fun socializing with long time friends and being seated at the table with fellow sponsors Wheeltek's Mr. Bobby Orbe and Mr. Marj Chuidian.

TurbanRider sends again his congratulations and looking forward to the gonna-be legendary 20th year of togetherness.

Two Spyder lids raffled off.  
Winner of a Spyder helmet of his choice.  Congratulations sir!