Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mel Aquino's Offroad Training Camp

It's the dirtiest of them all.  Mel Aquino, former road and motocross racer recently held his own training camp aimed at imparting his gained knowledge in tackling the dirty side of motorcycling.

With just a registration fee of P1,000, beginner's will learn the basics of offroading such as accelerating, braking and most importantly, cornering.  And of course it comes with a free lunch, because a whole day is required to know the basics.

"It's all about the form" - says Mr. Aquino, demonstrating that there's no way to tackle a steep angle but by having photoshoot-worthy placement of body, outward foot, perpendicular to the fork, aggressive stance.  "You do the form right, you do right."

This is just the first of the many, that the now-a-name-soon-a-legend motocrosser Mel Aquino will be holding such training camps.  It's always a good thing that people are now starting to realize the beauty of being able to tackle offroads without easily stumbling down like an idiot at the first few meters of mud.

Congrats Mr. Mel Aquino and looking forward to the next!

photo credit: Mr. Brando Rosales