Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Suzuki Charity Ride to Porac

Addicts!  They're addicted to scooters and they don't need any help.  
Just a little over a month ago, Suzuki jumped aboard the SRFC's charity ride to a challenging destination in Antipolo, the San Ysiro Elementary School.  They were at it again, with a mission to complete in another trail destination in Poarc, the land of lahar.

A long time ago, the Philippines was at the viewfinder of all news media cameras around the world when the Mount Pinatubo erupted and covered the land with volcanic ash or lahar.  And it was bad.  Real bad.  The people of Porac took the blunt of the blow displacing many of our Aeta brothers.  Aside from the initial impact of the catastrophe, the land became close to unhabitable and untillable, because of the ash.

Fast forward to today, the resilience of our nation is evident in our will to remain, to hold steadfast.  The Suzuki Scooter Adiks, addicted they were to twisting the throttle, also get their high in helping others especially the needy.

Off to the land of lahar.

A little over a dozen Suzuki fanatics converged at the Shell Balintawak.  The day was started with a prayer and of course a remembrance group shot.  I decided to leave the Suzuki Raider R150 and had Brando of MotorcyclePhilippines.com used it later.  I carpooled with Mr. Edelyn Yanilla and Mr. Sherwin Florendo of Suzuki and Mr. Erik Gatmaitan of Inside Racing.  

Call of the Wild - Ms. Edelyn Yanilla and Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki call back out to the carabao hiding in the trees

It's actually just a little more than a hundred kilometer ride from Metro Manila.  Th best way to Porac is to go left at the San Fernando intersection.  It's quite alright to step out of the expressway as traffic congestion here is non-existent, especially in the long stretch of the megadike access road.  

A motorcycle fan himself, Mr. Hiroshi get intrigued at the group changing the scooter's belt.
The start of the rock and roll session.  Riders ready themselves for the onslaught of no-roads.
The riders had to brave the punic unpaved road that will lead them up to their destination.  

The Suzuki scooter addicts, with their intense desire to lend a helping hand, not only got high naturally, but literally, as they had to climb up a tricky terrain just to get to their destination.  

Despite barely making it up there, the riders' hardship were canceled at the  first sight of the children eagerly awaiting the arrival.

You will not trace any sadness or trouble in the faces of the children, despite their perpetual woes.  The children's smile is more than enough payment for everything.

Our friends greeted us with warm smiles and sweet and yummy corn.  Probably one of the best tasting corns I've sampled.
Ms. Edelyn Yanilla of Suzuki Philippines enjoying her maize.

Mr Hiroshi leads the guys at distributing schools materials for the children of Porac.

After a few minutes uphill walk, we have arrive at an oasis where we were served freshly picked coconut milk that we had to gulp down still inside the coconut.

Mr. Sherwin Florendo let Mr. Hiroshi get a taste of fresh coconut.

The roads of Porac weren't easy.  But charity supposedly isn't easy.  We all make sacrifices for the betterment of the whole.  Turbanrider salutes the Suzuki Scooter Adikz club and Suzuki Philippines, Inc. for this endeavor.  Looking forward to our next ride!

My workmates for the day.