Monday, August 17, 2015

GoPed - A Different Fun in Two Wheels

I could easily say, I had the most fun in a scooter.  And I’ve seen and ridden a lot of scooters.  The GoPed is an American brand of scooters that is making its way here in the country, exclusively distributed by Bikerbox.  The scooter, in the truest sense of the word, is nothing more than what the original scooter looked like, but with the addition of a pint-sized engine.

Fun fun fun!
But don’t let the small-wheeled 29cc scooter foo you.  I may not look menacing but to truly enjoy riding it, you have to forget everything that you know about scooters.  This GoPed doesn’t let you sit in a comfortable cushioned seat nor does it allow you handle easily.

You start the scooter by pulling the engine cord, ala-washboard of a motorboat.  As soon as the sweet smell of cherry-flavored smoke starts emitting, fun would ensue, depending on your definition of fun.
  To further complicate (or simplify, relatively), instead of a throttle to control the gas, a lever on the right side of the handle bar is used, disorienting the rider.  The GoPed is equipped with only a front brake, which is a nightmare for rear-brakers like me.  The small-diameter wheels will make you wary of the terrain your trekking, as small stones would be enough to topple you over.  Braking and cornering will take a little getting used to.

When done with having fun with it, the handlepost can be bent and strapped in the engine for easy tucking.

The GoPed is being sold at P69,900.00, which is about the same price as any other 110-125cc scooters around.