Friday, August 28, 2015

Motorsiklo Xklusibo Six-sik sa Saya sa Sixth 6th Year Anniversary

Motorsiklo Xklusibo Six-sik sa Saya sa Sixth 6th Year Anniversary.  Whoa that's a lot of sixes,  

You know, I've attended the past MX anniversaries and definitely one of the most fun events in the industry where thundering thousands of riders converge, meet, greet and have fun the whole day.  Raffle prizes are abound, and it's almost ridiculous if you don't win anything.  

Yep, it's that time of the year again.  Let's us all be part of these momentous event led by the charismatic Mr. Edwin Go, one of the pillars of the motorcycle industry.  All roads will lead to Tagaytay International Convention Center once again for the celebration of Motorsiklo Xklusibo 6th year anniversary.  Whoosaaah!


It was a (insert expletive here), humongous, incredible, (expletive again), super successful event.  Thousands of motorcycle riders gathered for one of the biggest event of the year, the 6th year anniversary celebration of Motorsiklo Xklusibo.  TurbanRider sends its congratulations to Mr. Edwin Go, the host of the show made specifically for the riders.

The Tagaytay Convention Center just wouldn't cut it.  We needed a bigger venue.  Now, how's that for a success?

This is still outside the function hall.  Riders wanted to come in, but couldn't

The official tarp and photo op backdrop of the event

Full to the brim, I found it hard to squeeze through just to get to the stage.

In between is the place where I parked.  Left of right, motorcycles everywhere.

Great to see the brother from another mother!  Mark Chuidian of Wheeltek! Of course his carbon-copy son and riding buddy Enzo and girlfriend.

Suzuki gave free oil, and oil change service for Suzuki bikes.

Honda sets up a VIP lounge for the riders. Food!

Great to see our good friend Mr. Jun Mirasol at the event.

Yamaha showcased their new bikes.

Kawasaki is there as well!

Motorstar and their much talked about scrambler bike

TVS was there, and a certain bike caught my attention, the Max 125.  Hoping to get to know it more soon.

KTM was there to embrace the event!

This is the bike I'm taking about.

Hey I know this bike!  The powerful TVS Tormax 150!

Hmmmm alien invasion - more fun in the Philippines.

I didn't make it to the pick-a-prize!

Cheers sir Edwin!  We are really impressed on how you managed to pull off one of the biggest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts.  It was a great and happy day to see all the friends in the media, community and manufacturing all in one gathering.

We are already looking forward to the awesome 7th!