Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Honda Smart Technology Raises the Bar in Philippine Scooter Market

Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, has ushered an innovative and groundbreaking technology in motorcycle development in the Philippines and the rest of the world with its exclusive and pioneering Honda Smart Technology.

Honda Philippines first adopted the technology when it launched the Honda Click125i premium scooter in February this year and replicated the same on its New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series scooter for all when it was officially rolled out in May.

The breakthrough innovation, which is starting to become a buzzword in the global motorcycle industry, is a collection of excellent technical and innovative features intended to enhance the safety of its riders, maintain great road performance, ensure better utility, improved security, and contribute to the superb fuel efficiency of Honda’s latest scooter offerings.

While the trendy and sporty look combined with the superb fuel efficiency of the new lines of Honda scooters will suffice for the average users, the veteran motorcycling enthusiasts are actually impressed more of the Honda Smart Technology because it is practically a reflection of the commitment of Honda to give only the best scooter products in the market.

That thrust only echoes the goal of Honda Philippines President Daiki Mihara who stated that the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series is a reflection of the company’s continued commitment to provide powerful, safe, fun, and worthwhile driving experience to the growing market of Filipino scooter enthusiasts.

Honda Smart Technology has not just ushered a groundbreaking technological concept in motorcycle manufacturing; it has actually raised the bar in the development of scooters both in the Philippines and in some other parts of the world.

Honda the Power of Dreams!