Thursday, September 17, 2015

King of the Krib - 6th Roadgasmic Night


Well, it was one wild night, a jungle in the middle of the urban jungle.  Wildness abundant in the midst of civility.  Some wild ones, despite to many of the animal-loving guests muted protests, were caged where they were forced to entertain the guests for hours, what a pity to these poor creatures.  Some beasts roamed around the room looking, stalking and preying, for some poor soul to have a chatter, while those poor souls wanted nothing but to await the releasing of the wildest beasts of all.

Five wild ones were released from their captivity.

KLX 150
KLX 150L
Ninja 300
Ninja 1000
Versys 1000

The five beasts of the roads are now ready to pounce on some hapless poor souls on the road.

Fast men, brothers Ray and Clarke Robertson.  Kawasaki racers.

Tophats of Kawasaki, there to give the ceremonial toast.  Clink!

Mr. Joe Mike del Rosario

Ah, the first ones they unveiled, had my attention at it all night.  
The Ninja 300 is alright!  Now we have a fight in the entry-level 300cc category.
Black Ninja 1000, oh yeah.

One of the best bikes there is, category regardless, the Versys 1000.
Mr. Jin Inoue welcomes the riders to the event. 

Traditional toast!

I can't wait to do a review on all these mighty fine beasts!