Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ducati Riding Experience - Megatent Libis

A chance that doesn't come our way everyday.  Come on!

UPDATE:  We Saw Red

Scrambler it is!
It was a red hot day at the grounds of Megatent Libis as the media and ride aspirants test their abilities in handling the world's most prestigious motorcycle brand.  But I'd rather think, from a rider's perspective at least, that this is not really much about learning how to throttle, or to do the corner, or braking.  It's all about riding a, $@^# Ducati!  

I mean come one, firstly, it's a Ducati!  You don't pass up a chance to ride, if possibble to own, a Ducati.  You just grab it and go.

November 7 is just the day one of the experience.  Tomorrow will be the last chance for you to ride the brand.

Forza Ducati!